Sarah helps out with the Good Morning Britain meal appeal


Sarah was helping out Good Morning Britain last week with their Meal appeal.

We’re asking YOU to help UK people in need and support Good Morning Britain’s Meal Appeal as we approach the festive season.

Nearly a million people used food banks last year and figures released today in our exclusive survey with One Poll reveal that one in three parents that we spoke to have gone without a meal so their children can eat.

Redundancy, illness, domestic violence, family breakdown and debt are just some of the reasons people go hungry. There are many life events beyond our control and moments where families need help to get by.

We want YOU at home to buy one extra item in your shopping basket to help another UK family. This could be a luxury item or even a store cupboard basic.

Sarah went visiting TV shows, celebrity chefs and the cast of the Dirty Rotten Scoundrels on Wednesday.

Pics from Monday can be found here

On Thursday Sarah started off in the X factor house with Stereo Kicks.

Pics can be seen here

Then Sarah traveled up North to Manchester where she went to see the cast of Coronation Street.

Pics can be seen here

Then Sarah went to Sheffield to visit Brian McFadden.

Pics can be seen here

Then on Friday Sarah went to a food bank in Oldham with the stuff she’d collected.

Pics can be seen here

Credit to Sarah, Good Morning Britain and other various people for all the pictures.

Birthday fundraising

As you all know we’ve been raising money for Coming Home for the past few weeks to celebrate the gorgeous Sarah Harding’s birthday.

We are very pleased to announce that we have raised £800 this year, beating last years total by £65.00

A massive thank you to everyone who donated and to the people who took the time to RT our tweets about it.

Sarah people also left you birthday message you can read them here

 Happy Birthday Sarah from the fans

@SarahAddicts @ClaireLHill_x @NatashaJYoung_x £98.78 (via 8 donations)
@kimmiusher08 £35.00 (via 2 donations)
Dave Hales £24.00
@danniishelleyxx £20.00 (via anonymous text, via 6 donations)
@McElderry_Aloud £5.00
@Dan_lille £15.00
@BrilliantlyEvil £10.00
@USA_Cheryl_Fan £15.00
Anonymous text £1.00
@KatieEmmaGA £5.00
@mardyblade £3.00
Anonymous text donation £1.00
@lexpezza £10.00
@slightly2wasted £10.00
@cynthiamx £30.00 (via 2 donations)
@chazmundus £15.75
@dreamsaloud £10.00
@aloudfromjapan £10.00
@dendantas £7.77
@mrssarahcheryl £10.00 (2 donations)
@msmegan91 £5.00
@alexleighaloud £11.00 (via 3 donations)
Anonymous £20.00
@lydiaAloud £4.00
@theonewithelly £10.00 (via 2 donations)
@tonijayelewis £5.00
@jessaldersonx £15.00
@samanthaaaaaxx £40.00 (via 2 donation)
@missljayx £5.00
@kayleighlovesGA £3.00
@dominiqtrix £4.67
@naynaybree £4.67
@cherarahfankez £5.00
@Tebone01 £40.00
@shaikhaAS £16.92
@christine616 £6.22
@shannatofficial £5.00
@mattiestar26 £2.92
@chezzaslemon £5.00
@kayleighcherylx £7.00
@ellenmay242 £5.00
@tweedy_holden £12.17
@hayleycheradine £2.00
@197soldier4life £4.35
@rach_staunton £15.75
@AloudCCSoldier £5.98
@cherylsarmyga £2.00
@charldechez £5.00
@libssburgg_xoxo £1.00
@olliealoud £3.00
@lucylbax £3.00
@push10soldier £10.00
Anonymous £3.00
@p0ppy_sxldier £2.00
@saratweedyGA £3.00
@chezzassoldier £1.00
@abbidaiz £5.00
@jessicacherylx £2.50
@gemmamary_x £5.00
Joe £10.00
@lovelylisaj £5.00
@connie_aloudx £3.00
@chlogax £3.00
@sophkatewright £30.00
@@BrookeOConnorxo £5.00
@mollieee_ox £5.00
@skycc_ga £3.00
@annaxaloud £4.00
@lauraxheryl £1.57
@hollypeelo £5.00
@niccheryl__x £7.50
@niamhhuntx £5.00
@charaloud £10.00
@nicolafanpage £5.00
@soldiersaloud £5.00
@hanaloud £3.00
@brenda_co £5.00
@miranda_villa96 £7.88
@kristiefenwick £5.00
@hollyxgaxcher £5.00
@kaaaaatie_x £3.00
Mathew Henry £5.00
anonymous text £1.00
@DinaaaaDee_GA £4.00
@luvcherylfv12 £3.73
@Three_words_Ox £7.87 (800.00)


So pleased that we beat last years total <3 Hope you have a wonderful Birthday Sarah. xxxxxxxxx


Happy 33rd Birthday Sarah



Wishing you all the happiness in the world for the future. Hope you have a magical day surrounded by your loved ones, whatever you do make sure you have fun and above everything else make sure you enjoy yourself.

As you know the fans have been raising money for Coming home for your birthday and we are proud to say that we’ve raised £800, theres also lots of birthday messages for you on the link below.

A list of all the donators can be found on the link below

We’ve also done you a little video Sarah, its got a guest appearance from your idol Marilyn

Happy Birthday once again Sarah. Love you lots xxxxxxxx


Sarah Harding Birthday 2014


As we all know its Sarah’s birthday next month and we thought it’d be nice if we could all donate to Coming Home again for her birthday this year. Sarah really appreciated all the money raised last year so come on people lets see if we can beat the £735.00 that we managed to raise last year.

Or you can text donate by texting SNHN81 to 70070 followed by the amount you wish to donate either £1 £3 £5 or £10

Thank you to everyone who donates, every penny will be much appreciated by Coming Home.

Sarah Harding – Tumble Final

Last night was the Tumble final and Sarah performed a floor and aerial routine and also did the vault. The judges scored Sarah a total of 38 out of 40 for her floor and aerial routine.

Sebastien Stella – 9.5

Louis Smith – 9.5

Nadia Comaneci – 9.5

Craig Heap – 9.5

Will from GAM has once again uploaded Sarahs performances.

 Sarah finished Top 3 which is what she wanted , so happy we got to take this Tumble journey with her. Although Sarah didn’t win, in our eyes shes the winner.