Sarah Harding performing at Total Access Live

Sarah performed at Total Access Live on the 15th August at Betley Farm near Crewe.

We were lucky enough to be able to go, due to one of us working until 1pm we didn’t get there until gone 2pm so we didn’t have the best view but Sarah still managed to spot us and thanks to having a good camera we got some good footage.

Sarah looked and sounded absolutely amazing, she sang 4 songs Love Machine, Live Before I Die, The Promise and Threads. We’ve uploaded a few clips to youtube.





Threads single

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Sarah talks to Vogue

Sarah chatted to Vogue Williams whilst in Ireland last week.

GIRLS ALOUD babe Sarah Harding has hinted that she would love to be back on stage with her bandmates, including Cheryl Fernandez-Versini and Nadine Coyle.

But the stunning blonde,who has just released her debut solo track, thinks it would be for a one-off gig rather than a full-scale reunion.

“I would like to think we might do a one-off gig together for old times’ sake, but who knows,” she laughed.

Sarah was in Dublin this weekend to perform her new song, Threads, on Miriam O’Callaghan’s show, one of her first outings on TV as a solo artist.
“It was slightly nerve-wracking at first,” she admitted. “But as soon as I got into the performance it felt amazing! I’m really proud and over the moon to be making music again!

Sarah is known for a successful pop career with Girls Aloud, but she revealed that she is taking a different musical path as a solo artist.

“I grew up with real musicians and instruments in my family and friends so I wanted to go back to my roots and release my inner rock chick!” she told me.

“Performing something you created is such a great feeling. My inspiration was taken from being let down by certain people over the years. Threads is a song about those experiences.
“Being able to get up on stage with my amazing band and to share it with everyone, there’s no better feeling! “Being a solo artist is a new journey for me, but so far so good! I can’t say I prefer either, as I loved my time in the band.”

So, what if she could collaborate with any other artist?

“It’s difficult as there’s so many hugely talented artists out there! But if I had to choose I think I’d say Pink or Gwen Stefani.I’m confident we would put on a pretty good show! Sarah switched career tracks with a recent stint on Coronation Street, and it’s given her the acting bug Passion.

“Music is and always will be my main passion, but I love acting too.

“If more acting opportunities come along I definitely would be interested. “It was so surreal being on the cobbles of Coronation Street! I’ve been a massive fan of the show for years.

“It was mad going from watching it on my sofa at home to actually being there on set! I loved every minute ofit. The cast and the crew couldn’t have been more welcoming.”
Vogue’s Quick-Fire Quiz

1 – Favourite TV show: Family Guy.
2 – Favourite movie? The Goonies.
3 – Favourite food? Everything – I LOVE MY FOOD! I’m a foody!!
4 – Favourite drink? Beetroot, apple, carrot, celery, ginger and lemon in my juicer.
5 – Favourite actor? Johnny Depp.
6 – Favourite band? Progidy live are the BEST!
7 – Favourite Girls Aloud song? Promise.
8 – Favourite gig you’ve ever done? Dublin and Wembley Stadium with Coldplay.
9 – Favourite place to live? Ibiza.
10 -Favourite body part? I hate this question (laughs), my elbows!
11 -What is the most annoying misconception people have of you? That I’m loud and lairy all the time.That’s my persona in the public eye, but not behind closed doors or with friends or family.
12 – How do you keep fit? I train once a week with my personal trainer and I walk my dogs every day.I’m so busy at the moment and constantly on the go, so that helps to keep me fit too!