Sarah Harding Birthday 2014


As we all know its Sarah’s birthday next month and we thought it’d be nice if we could all donate to Coming Home again for her birthday this year. Sarah really appreciated all the money raised last year so come on people lets see if we can beat the £735.00 that we managed to raise last year.

Or you can text donate by texting SNHN81 to 70070 followed by the amount you wish to donate either £1 £3 £5 or £10

Thank you to everyone who donates, every penny will be much appreciated by Coming Home.

Sarah Harding Hello Magazine issue 1349


Sarah has done an exclusive interview in this weeks Hello Magazine, issue 1349 out in the shops now. You can also get a digital version of the magazine

The amazing Anders Brogaard is he photographer and we can honestly say they are stunning pictures.

Scans are on the gallery here


Pre-order Sarah Harding Crazy For Your Love


Sarah is featuring on the new Rymez track Crazy For Your Love. The track also features Wiley and Sneakbo. Its due for release on the 2nd November 2014. You can pre order it from iTunes here

Sarah Harding – Tumble Final

Last night was the Tumble final and Sarah performed a floor and aerial routine and also did the vault. The judges scored Sarah a total of 38 out of 40 for her floor and aerial routine.

Sebastien Stella – 9.5

Louis Smith – 9.5

Nadia Comaneci – 9.5

Craig Heap – 9.5

Will from GAM has once again uploaded Sarahs performances.

 Sarah finished Top 3 which is what she wanted , so happy we got to take this Tumble journey with her. Although Sarah didn’t win, in our eyes shes the winner.


Sarah Harding on Innendo Bingo

Sarah Harding goes head to head with Charlie Sloth in Innuendo Bingo. Charlie claims he can fit almost a litre of water in his mouth and he certainly doesn’t hold back on poor Sarah!

Sarah Harding – Tumble week 5

Sarah performed her floor routine to En Vogue – Don’t let go

Sarah scored 29.5 in total

Sebastien Stella – 7

Louis Smith – 7.5

Nadia Comaneci  – 7.5

Craig Heap – 7.5

Sarah Also performed a routine on the beam scoring 22

Check out both her performance.

The public made sure with voting that Sarah was safe and into the final. This is why we keep stressing so much that voting is IMPORTANT please all stay at home and vote as much as you can. Remeber if you register you can get 3 free votes online check out

Sarah Tumble book


We all know that Tumble is proving to be a really emotional experience for Sarah. We were always going to be doing her a book about her time on Tumble but we thought it would be nice if fans sent in messages about how proud they are of what shes achieved, we know Sarah would love to read all your messages. So we are hoping loads of you will send us messages, we want  Sarah to know how loved she is by the fans and how we’ve all got her back and are willing to help her achieve her dreams.

If you want to send a message in for the book please send it to Just a simple message explaining how well you think Sarah has done and things like that, you can also include any graphics you may have made from the various Tumble pictures we’ve had. The closing date for getting your messages in 15th October, so it gives you a few weeks. Hope everyone will submit a message even if its only small.

Thank you guys.


Sarah Harding on Lorraine

Sarah was on Lorraine today chatting about Tumble and her solo career.

Sarah Harding – International fan voting


As you guys all know Sarah is through to the final on Tumble.

We still don’t know how long we’re going to get to vote, so really don’t know how many votes we’ll be able to get done in the time. We’re assuming that since each celebrity is doing 2 routines this week that after they have all performed once that the voting lines might open up, this will be good because it should give us 20 – 30 mins to vote. We managed to get between the 4 of us for ourselves and the international fans over 1100 votes.

We can’t stress how important it is that we all vote as much as we can or as much as you can afford, please don’t get into trouble for voting. Voting is what makes a difference so every vote helps.

According to the BBC website voting from a landline is 15p  and 15p from a mobile.

We think whats the best is if you want to vote for Sarah (international fans only) if you could let us know and how much you want to spend that would be a great help. We can then work out roughly how many votes we need to do. We have got someone else on stand by to help out if we need to (thank you Sam @BrilliantlyEvil and @Smudge1208). Both myself and Claire will have 2 mobiles each on the go at the same time that way we can get more votes done in the time space.

If you are interested in voting for Sarah then please let us know on twitter or email us Also if you could let us know as soon as possible so we can get things sorted.

We want to try and get as many votes in for Sarah as we can from international fans but it’ll be on a first come first served basis, as obviously we’ll want to get the votes in for us aswell. We know that voting is what is most important to Sarah hence why we want to do this.

Not sure if any of the UK fans will be going to the studio to watch weeks 5 and 6 but please bear in mind that you can’t use your phones whilst the show is being recorded as they interfere with the recording of the show.

Also you can register online and get 3 free votes but its only open to the UK so if your an international fan and want to do it this way please contact either DanniiShelleyxx AlexLeighAloud or NicciLuvsNadine and they’ll register your email address and do the votes for you.

We can’t stress this enough – Sarah will need all the votes she can get, so lets do this for her guys.

Sarah Harding Tumble week 4

Sarah performed her Rhythmic floor routine on Tumble last night to Le Freak.

Sarah scored 29 in total.

Sebastien Stella – 7.5

Louis Smith – 7

Nadia Comaneci  – 7

Craig Heap – 7.5

Sarah is through to next week and we can start voting. Hope everyone will be staying at home and voting loads, we can do this.

Credit to Will from GAM for uploading the footage for us.