Sarah Harding Recording

Sarah was in the studio recording a heart wrenching ballad yesterday.

She took to Instagram yesterday to post a few pics from her day and we think its safe to say she was in awe of the fact she’d been recording in the studio owned by Genesis.

003Wicked sesh today at the one and only Genesis (the band lol) studio today! What an experience…so in awe right now…more pics to come!

002Du du du-du du-du du du duuu duuu!!! Drum room for the epic ‘in the air tonight’

001I wanna kit room like these guys!!

004Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!!! 😍😝 #guitar #rock #chick

Sarah busy in the studio


Sarah has tweeted over the past week that shes been busy writing and recording.



Hopefully it won’t be too much longer to wait until we get a solo single and album from Sarah 😀

Sarah Instagram 210415

Sarah took to instagram yesterday to post a couple of selfies.

I’m not a huge fan of the Pout but have to admit that this picture is stunning. It shows what a natural beauty Sarah is, flawless skin and hair <3


Thank you to my beautiful team @sarahbridson and @garycockerill for making me look and feel so 70’s fab for the @FandFclothing event this morning.


Sarah also posted this picture which literally blew me away with just how stunningly beautiful Sarah is.

210415bMy belated homage to #Coachella!!! Every year I swear I’m gonna go and every year I bloody miss it because work comes first here’s to next year (hopefully!) oh, also, thanks so much to #goldfever (and my beloved Bradley) for the best hair extensions btw they’re frikkin awesome!!! Loving having long hair again!!!!

Sarah attends the F&F clothing A/W launch

Sarah attended the launch of the F&F Autumn/Winter collection yesterday at The Savoy hotel in London.

Sarah chatted to Bang showbiz

The 33-year-old beauty told BANG Showbiz: “I can’t really say too much about what I’ve got coming up, it’s a bit of a secret project!

“I would like to have my own fashion line out this year. That’s definitely something I’m considering.”

Sarah’s current fashion love is the re-emergence of 70s style, because it’s “easy-wear”.

Speaking at the Florence & Fred Autumn Winter collection launch in London today, the blonde bombshell said: “I’m loving the whole 70s comeback, I’d probably wear the majority of Florence and Fred. The fit is really great and flattering on the clothes. I’m wearing it now and it’s very easy-wear!”

Sarah had to face an embarrassing fashion faux par at the event as both she and Saturdays singer Vanessa White both turned up in the exact same white jumpsuit outfit.

Dealing with the massively awkward situation like a true professional, Sarah laughed: “It’s actually really funny to see Vanessa and I wearing the same outfit this morning, great minds think alike!”


Sarah Harding speaks out about her Corrie role my mum is so thrilled


Sarah Harding is hoping that her four-episode stint in Coronation Street might turn into a long-term role.

The ex-Girls Aloud singer, 33, who starts filming next month, didn’t even have to audition for her role as a new girl who makes life difficult for Tracey Barlow.

Show bosses offered her the part after checking out her previous acting work on YouTube, including her role in the St Trinian’s comedy movies.

Talking about her cobbles role for the first time, Sarah told the Mirror: “I did a bit of charity work there and got chatting.

“They knew I was a fan because I was running around going mental, going, ‘There’s Audrey’s!’ I said I would love to be on it.

“My mum is so thrilled by it. She buys all the soap magazines.

Raised in Surrey before moving north to Stockport, Sarah said at a party at London’s M&M’s World: “I have a bit of a multi-accent… but wait and see what I sound like. I don’t get my script until nearer the time. I can’t wait to see it.”

Meanwhile, Corrie producer Stuart Blackburn has said: “Sarah is proving to be a gifted and exciting actor and I’m absolutely delighted to have her on board, the viewers are in for a treat as her character will be right at the heart of a massive new story for the Barlows.”


Sarah attends the M&M character election


Sarah attended the M&M character election in London, she spoke to Now magazine about her upcoming role on Corrie.

‘It was in the pipeline for a while because they all know I’m a big fan,’ she revealed. ‘I did some charity work with Good Morning Britain last year and I got chatting to one of the producers. They knew I was a fan because I was just going mental like, “Wow! Audrey! Aaargh!” They said, “You act don’t you?” And I said “Yes”.’
And it really was as simple as that.
Sarah admitted that she didn’t even have to audition for the role – ‘I was quite lucky’ – and the producers instead checked out her acting skills on YouTube.
When asked about fellow popstar Shayne Ward’s rumoured role in the soap – he has auditioned and even admitted he’d ‘be completely up for’ an on-screen romance with Sarah.
‘I know, I heard! Bless him. It wouldn’t be awkward because Shayne and I auditioned together right back at the beginning when we did Pop Stars. I was really good friends with his elder sister. He’s like a little brother to me, so I’d probably be really comfortable. But [kissing him] would be a bit weird, yeah.’
Sarah also revealed that she’s ‘looking forward to stirring things up a bit, it will be fun’ and that ‘it’ll be nice to try my hand at acting again, I’ve missed it.’
‘Cheryl congratulated me,’ said Sarah, speaking about the day the news broke. ‘My phone didn’t stop that day, all of them were texting me.’
And could the role be long term? ‘You never know, you never know,’ Sarah said.

So fingers crossed Sarah’s role on Corrie turns into a long term role, it would be absolutely amazing.

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