Sarah to do a DJ set The Wright venue


Sarah will be doing another DJ set in Ireland at the Wright Venue in Dublin 2nd August 2014

Sarah Harding Good Luck Tumble book

10483507_580766398707628_1624556501_nWe have decided to do Sarah a book of good luck messages for Tumble.

We’ve applied for tickets for the Pilot episode being filmed on the 25th July (fingers crossed we get them) and we thought it would be a good chance to try and get some good luck messages to her. We’ll still be doing the fanbook later on in the year we just thought Sarah would appreciate having a book with loads of good luck messages in from all her hardcores.

Now since the show is being filmed next week there’s not much time to get a message in so come on guys get your messages in ASAP. The deadline will be 22nd July 1pm so get your messages in. You can email them to us at

We’re sure Sarah will appreciate all your good luck messages so get them in.

If we don’t get tickets we’ll still get the book to Sarah some how, as we think it might help her a bit, we all know she’s going to be really nervous.

Tumble pilot show

They are filmed a Tumble pilot show on the 25th July you can apply for tickets here

Tumble: Pilot

BBC One | 25 July

Be part of the studio audience for the pilot recording of BBC One’s brand new Saturday night entertainment show Tumble.

Each week a cast of famous faces will perform spectacular gymnastic and circus based routines in front of the nation. Girls Aloud’s Sarah Harding, world champion boxer Carl Froch, EastEnders’ John Partridge, fitness guru Mr Motivator and CBBC Wolfblood favourite Bobby Lockwood (aka Rhydian) are just five of the celebrity line up.

They’ll be judged by a panel headed by London 2012 Team GB hero Louis Smith, and the legendary Olympian Nadia Comaneci. The One Show’s Alex Jones will host.

We’re looking for a lively, energetic family audience to cheer on our celebrities as they perform breathtaking performances in amazing costumes.

Children (aged 10 plus) are very much welcome.

Tumble will be gymnastics but not as you know it. Heart-stopping drama on the floor, up in the air, and on the vault.

**Please note: this is a sneak peak of Tumble as this pilot recording will not be shown on BBC One.**

For this pilot the studio audience will be split into two halves. One half of the studio will be a family audience including children aged 10 plus. The other half of the studio will be adults only.

Due to the short notice of this recording we are distributing tickets on a first come first served basis.

You can apply for a maximum of six tickets per household for the family section and a maximum of four tickets per household for the adult only section.

Each application for the family section must include at least one child aged between 10 and 16 years. Multiple applications will be deleted.

Please note that applying for tickets does not guarantee that you will receive tickets and you will only be notified of your successful application on receipt of your tickets.

Admission policy
The minimum age of audience admitted is 10 years old. If you look younger than 16, please bring photographic identification with you in case you are asked to verify your age.
Every group applying for family tickets must include at least one child.
One application per household.
Each child under 16 must be accompanied by a ticket holding adult.
Entry on the day is not guaranteed. Audience seats are allocated on a first come, first served basis.
Ticket applicants must be aged 18 or over.

BBC tweet pictures of Sarah training


The official BBC one twitter page have tweeted a couple of pics of Sarah training today.

We visited stars and to find out how tough their training regime


is Something Kinda Owww for : “Training is brutal… but it’s an amazing sense of achievement at the same time.”

A bit of levitation helps get through a training session. She’s just a Lev Machine…



Could the #lev be the new selfie? @SarahNHarding may have started a trend on #Tumble…



Sarah has fun whilst training for Tumble

Sarah tweeted 2 pictures today of her day training with Leon and Natalia.


#Tumble #TweetFeet



Spot the skivers! @  #Tumble

Sarah Harding – look what I learnt today

Sarah put this pic on Instagram earlier.

260614look what I learnt today!!! #tumble


Pet theories – Sarah Harding and Mark Foster


Sarah Harding moved to the Buckinghamshire countryside six years ago together with her two Persian cats. “I’d always wanted to have a dog but in London it was really difficult,” says the former member of Girls Aloud, who’s currently working on a solo album. “So when I moved out here, I thought, right, let’s get one.”

Claude, a French bulldog, duly arrived, later to be followed by Pickles, a female. “And without my permission, they multiplied,” Harding laughs. The result was Yogi and Boo-Boo. The latter now lives with one of Harding’s relatives, but Yogi remains.

“I just love French bulldogs,” she says. “They’re not too big to take around with you and they’re not so small that they look twee. I’m not into handbag dogs. They’re really smart and they’re great companions.”

The most recent arrival at Harding’s home has been her partner, Mark Foster, a top dog in the music production world. And when he came up with an idea for an exclusive range of headwear for women based around snapback caps, beanies and trapper caps, a certain French bulldog puppy’s face seemed to be the perfect logo.

Only 250 of each Yogi Snap design are manufactured and ten per cent of each sale is donated to Pup Aid, a charity that campaigns against puppy farming. Foster says sales are going well and puts that partly down to the fact that he believes people can relate to French bulldogs. “I don’t know how successful Yogi Snap would be if we had, like, a Jack Russell on the front,” he says.

Jack Russell fans, please don’t write to us. Address your letters to Mark Foster, care of Yogi Snap…

Yogi Snap



Sarah training for Tumble with Ian H Watkins

Ian H Watkins from Steps tweeted the picture below of him and Sarah training for Tumble

001 & moi filming today :)

Thanks to Ian for the picture.

Sarah starts Tumble training

Sarah started her Tumble training this week. Today she posted this instagram video of herself training.

Let the fun and games begin!#tumble

She also posted this picture of herself.


Sarah Harding Tumble



As we all know Sarah is doing the new series of Tumble on BBC1, we don’t know anything about when it starts yet or how voting is going to work. Normally you have to pay to vote and international fans can’t vote.

We’ll be doing  like the fanpages did for Kimberley when she was on Strictly.

If you have to pay to vote, international fans can paypal us the money for the amount of votes they want and we’ll get them done for you, obviously depending on how long you get to vote will depend on how many votes we can get done. If a lot of people are interested we’ll try and find people to help us out, if we can’t find people it’ll be a first come first served basis, but we’ll TRY our best to get all votes done.

If anyone is wondering we will NOT be making any money from this, this is purely so fans who want to vote and can’t have a chance to do so. You can trust us, we’re the biggest and longest running Sarah fansite and we do everything we can to promote her, we want our gorgeous girl to win this and we will do everything we can to help her on this.

If you’re interested in doing this please either tweet us or email us on so we can get a list going of people who are interested.

Once we know more about voting and the start dates we can let you guys have more information.

This is hopefully going to mean more people will be voting for our gorgeous girl and she’ll have more chance of winning.

Obviously we’ll be applying to get tickets so if we get them and go one week, we’re unsure if we’ll be able to vote in the studio but we’ll let you know. If you can’t vote in the studio and we get tickets we have already found someone who is willing to help us out, thank you Sam (@BrilliantlyEvil).