Sarah Harding – Tumble week 2

Last night was the second episode of Tumble. Sarah performed a floor routine to Clean Bandit – Rather be. She performed amazing once again and managed to pull off all the moves expertly, scoring a total of 28.5.

Sebastien Stella – 7

Louis Smith – 7

Nadia Comaneci – 7.5

Craig Heap – 7

You can watch Sarahs VT and performance below.

Thanks to Will from GAM for uploading it.


How Tumble works


How the Show Works

Tumble is a new six week elimination contest for BBC1 in which 10 brave celebrities will learn and perform gymnastic and aerial disciplines, for the chance to win the coveted title of Tumble Champion 2014.

Each celebrity has been paired with a professional performer of the opposite sex. Each pairing has its own British Gymnastics approved coach (minimum level 3).

Celebrities will be asked to take part in disciplines and to perform to music and themes as chosen by production.

At the end of Show 6, the winner will be announced.

Show One

In Show 1 (Saturday 9th August 2014) all 10 celebrities will perform 1 of 2 possible disciplines – Acrobatic Floor or Aerial Hoop. They will receive comments and scores from the judges (see judging section below.) The scores from each judge will be added to create the overall score for each celebrity. No-one is eliminated at the end of this show.

Show Two

In Show 2, (Saturday 16th August ) all 10 celebrities will perform whichever discipline they did not perform in Show 1 and once again receive comments and scores from the judges as in show 1 above.

The scores received by each celebrity in show 1 and show 2 will be compared to establish their Personal Best- which will be the higher of the two scores. The Personal Best will then be used as their score for the end of show 2 leaderboard.

The two celebrities with the lowest scores on the leaderboard at the end of show 2 are the “bottom two”. They must now face ‘The Vault’ (see elimination section below). One celebrity will be eliminated after the vault performance.


There are four members of the judging panel, chosen for their expertise in their related gymnastic and aerial fields; Nadia Comaneci (Head Judge), Craig Heap, Louis Smith, Sebastien Stella.

After each celebrity has completed their discipline, the judges will give their expert opinions. Celebrities will be judged on both their technique in that particular discipline and their performance.

Celebrities will then receive a score out of 10 from each judge, giving them an overall score out of 40. The scores increase in 0.5 points.

There is no audience voting until Show 5.


In the event of a tie in personal best score between three or more celebrities at the bottom of the show 2 leaderboard, we will use the total combined score from show 1 and 2 for each of the tied contestants. The two celebrities with the lowest combined score will be in the “Bottom Two”

In the unlikely event that there is still a tie when the combined scores are added up then we will use the total score across both disciplines awarded by Nadia Comaneci for the tied celebrities and the two celebrities at that stage with the lowest combined score will face ‘The Vault’.

If there is still a tie then Head Judge Nadia Comaneci will decide which of the tied celebrities at the bottom of the table will face ‘The Vault’.


As explained above, there will be no elimination at the end of Show 1. In Show 2 one celebrity will be eliminated at the end of the show.

The celebrities who are not in the “Bottom Two” at the end of Show 2 are safe and will proceed to the following week. The two celebrities who find themselves at the bottom of the Show 2 leaderboard must take on the ‘Vault’ for the chance to stay in the contest.

Head Judge Nadia Comaneci will use her expertise to decide which celebrity has performed the best in the Vault and will therefore be through to the following week. The remaining celebrity therefore leaves Tumble.

It is the Head Judge’s decision alone that decides the celebrities’ fate. She will only take into account the performance on the vault and not any performances from earlier in the show or the contest.

The Tumble medics and physio are on hand throughout the show to ensure all performers are fit to compete.

The format may be altered by Production throughout the series.

Thanks to the BBC Tumble page for the above information.

BBC Tumble


Sarah Harding Week 1 Tumble

Tumble kicked off on Saturday and Sarah performed a flawless routine.

She scored 25 points out of a possible 40 and finished 5th overall.

Sarah and Leon performed their routine to You’ve got the love.

Sebastien Stella – 8

Nadia Comaneci – 6

Louis Smith – 5.5

Craig Heap – 5.5

 Many thanks to Will from Gam for recording and uploading this to youtube.

Sarah talking about Tumble

Sarah talking about Tumble and what she hopes to achieve from it.


Sarah on why she’s doing Tumble


People only see my stage persona. One of the reasons I’m doing this is so people can see me as a person in real life.

With this you’ll see more behind the scenes. I am human. I am not unbreakable.

There will be laughter and tears and people will get to see that’s. This is a new big challenge for me.


Tumble starts 9th August on BBC1 at 6.30pm. Make sure you all tune in and vote for Sarah. She deserves to win this, shes put her heart and soul into this competition and it shows, she is so passionate about it.

Any international fans wishing to vote as of the 2nd week we’ll be helping you with that.

Sarah DJs at the Wright venue


Sarah did a DJ set at the Wright venue last night and they have uploaded some gorgeous pictures of Sarah.

Check them out here



Tumble advert

The BBC has launched the official Tumble advert.

Sarah Looks beautiful.

Sarah Harding Tumble dates


Sarah has been teamed up with Leon Fagbemi who she’ll perform with each week in a bid to win a place in the following weeks show. Their coach is Natalia Ilienko, Natalia will be coaching their routines each week.

Tumble official starts on the 9th August 2014 and runs for 6 weeks.

Tumble dates


9th – Tumble live show week 1

16th – Tumble live show week 2

23rd – Tumble live show week 3

30th – Tumble live show week 4


06th – Tumble live show week 5

13th – Tumble live show week 6 (Final)

We were lucky to go and watch the the pilot being recorded 25th July and we can honestly say Sarah has done amazing. We knew she was going to be good but she literally blew us away, you can tell she’s worked hard and put in hours and hours of training. Looking forward to live shows starting so everyone can see just how good Sarah is.

Sarah to do a DJ set The Wright venue


Sarah will be doing another DJ set in Ireland at the Wright Venue in Dublin 2nd August 2014

Sarah Harding Good Luck Tumble book

10483507_580766398707628_1624556501_nWe have decided to do Sarah a book of good luck messages for Tumble.

We’ve applied for tickets for the Pilot episode being filmed on the 25th July (fingers crossed we get them) and we thought it would be a good chance to try and get some good luck messages to her. We’ll still be doing the fanbook later on in the year we just thought Sarah would appreciate having a book with loads of good luck messages in from all her hardcores.

Now since the show is being filmed next week there’s not much time to get a message in so come on guys get your messages in ASAP. The deadline will be 22nd July 1pm so get your messages in. You can email them to us at

We’re sure Sarah will appreciate all your good luck messages so get them in.

If we don’t get tickets we’ll still get the book to Sarah some how, as we think it might help her a bit, we all know she’s going to be really nervous.