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Girls Aloud star Sarah Harding shares her Barbados good stuff

Now this looks like a relaxing day on the beach – Sarah plays chess with her boyfriend Tom Crane in Barbados.

And she’s such a sweetie that’s she come back from her holidays and answered a few questions on all the good stuff that she loves, from pamper days to Kate Moss to facebook, happy reading.
Tell us about your recent holiday in Barbados – we’ve seen the photos but what’s it really like?

Sun, sea, sand, romance and friendship. This has been the perfect getaway. The House hotel where we were staying had the best service I’ve ever encountered and the staff catered to every need. Barbados is a great place to relax but also if you want to party and enjoy the Bajan hospitality, then going out in the evening is a must. There are colorful boutiques, flamboyant characters, delicious restaurants and breathtaking views.

Sarah Harding from Girls Aloud has recently been making a splash in the press as she’s been sunning herself in Barbados with a few close friends. She’s taken some time out to chat to us about her good stuff and also answer questions from some of our friends and followers on facebook and twitter.
Sarah, what’s your favourite West End theatre show?Wicked. I went with Kimberley and Caprice to see the show and I absolutely loved it. I’d love to see Les Misérables and I feel very guilty about the fact I haven’t seen it. The other two I want to see are Dirty Dancing and We Will Rock You.
Do you enjoy having a pamper at spas?
Yes, it’s one of my guilty pleasures. I like to go on my own or with a group of girls. One of my favorites is The Grove in Hertfordshire and I really want to go to the Royal Day Spa in Tunbridge Wells. I love having a massage and facials are great.
What’s your perfect weekend get away?
I love going on weekend breaks especially to Venice and Paris – which I think is the most romantic break in the world! Somewhere I would really like to go is the Lake District as I hear it’s absolutely beautiful.
Where do you like to eat out?
Obviously I would have to say Kanaloa – my nightclub I run with my boyfriend, Tom Crane. But I’m also a big fan of Gilgamesh, Automat and Scotts.

We know you love to go out but how social are you – do you blog, tweet and facebook?
I facebook – it’s a great way to keep connected with my friends. When I was on tour, I used it a lot to meet up with people in the areas we were performing. I’m thinking of having a blog but I might leave that to my boyfriend, Tom Crane!
And we have a few questions from fabulous fans on facebook and twitter…
Who is you favourite / best dressed celebrity and why?
Kate Moss – she’s cool and can pull off casual and glamorous. She’s like a chameleon – stylish and sexy. I also really admire Gwen Stefani’s look.
Where is your favourite destination and why?
Well I have to say here at The House hotel. It’s the first time I’ve used , but it certainly wont be the last – excuse the pun!
What projects have you got coming up this year?
I’m working on a couple of movies, writing some solo music and also concentrating on breeding my dog and finishing off my new home in the country.
Of all the places you have been what’s your favourite and why?
I love the Maldives for the sea and the snorkelling and of course the sun.
Thanks Sarah (and Tom!).