Her T-shirt bore the image of Marilyn Monroe, but it was clear Sarah Harding had been looking elsewhere for inspiration.

The formerly blonde Girls Aloud singer debuted a scruffy pink hairstyle yesterday, that would have shocked the perfectly turned out actress.

Sarah seemed delighted with her new look, smiling for the cameras as she left her house in London.

Along with her logo T-shirt she dressed down in black leggings and a white cardigan.

Perhaps Sarah’s pink look can be blamed on her spending too much time in a relaxed festival environment his summer.

She’s been spotted at Wireless, Glastonbury, Hard Rock Calling, Cannes and the Henley Regatta.

Whatever the reason, Sarah’s pink look is a far cry from her Girls Aloud days.

Onstage and off, along with her bandmates she was always perfectly turned out.

But the band are currently on an extended break, allowing them each to pursue their own interests.