10483507_580766398707628_1624556501_nWe have decided to do Sarah a book of good luck messages for Tumble.

We’ve applied for tickets for the Pilot episode being filmed on the 25th July (fingers crossed we get them) and we thought it would be a good chance to try and get some good luck messages to her. We’ll still be doing the fanbook later on in the year we just thought Sarah would appreciate having a book with loads of good luck messages in from all her hardcores.

Now since the show is being filmed next week there’s not much time to get a message in so come on guys get your messages in ASAP. The deadline will be 22nd July 1pm so get your messages in. You can email them to us at sarahhardingaddicts@hotmail.co.uk

We’re sure Sarah will appreciate all your good luck messages so get them in.

If we don’t get tickets we’ll still get the book to Sarah some how, as we think it might help her a bit, we all know she’s going to be really nervous.