We all know that Tumble is proving to be a really emotional experience for Sarah. We were always going to be doing her a book about her time on Tumble but we thought it would be nice if fans sent in messages about how proud they are of what shes achieved, we know Sarah would love to read all your messages. So we are hoping loads of you will send us messages, we want  Sarah to know how loved she is by the fans and how we’ve all got her back and are willing to help her achieve her dreams.

If you want to send a message in for the book please send it to sarahhardingaddicts@hotmail.co.uk Just a simple message explaining how well you think Sarah has done and things like that, you can also include any graphics you may have made from the various Tumble pictures we’ve had. The closing date for getting your messages in 15th October, so it gives you a few weeks. Hope everyone will submit a message even if its only small.

Thank you guys.