Sarah is up for eviction this week. Like we’ve mentioned before we’re going to be doing like we did for Tumble for CBB.

Obviously voting is only open to UK so if you want to vote for Sarah then we can help. You can paypal us the money for the amount of votes you want to do and we’ll get the votes done for you. Voting is 50p per vote so if you want to vote for Sarah 5 times then you paypal us £2.50. Remember paypal takes a fee from each payment sent so if possible could you send it to friends and family because that way we get the full £2.50 ( you’ll pay the fee, but the fee is smaller to you than it would be to us).

If anyone is wondering we will NOT be making any money from this, this is purely so fans who want to vote and can’t have a chance to do so. You can trust us, we’re the biggest and longest running Sarah fansite and we do everything we can to promote and support her, we want our gorgeous girl to win this and we will do everything we can to help her on CBB. When we did this for Tumble we managed to between us  and 2 helpers get 1996 votes done over 2 weeks for the international fans, we could have got more done but because we only had such a short time to vote we couldn’t get anymore done and no one else was willing to help out, this time we have much longer to vote so should hopefully be able to get lots of votes done.

We’re doing Sarah a book about her time on CBB and will include a list of all the international fans who we voted for, that way Sarah will see that you’ve voted.

If you’re interested in doing this please either tweet us @SarahAddicts or email us on (please note this email address is not the one to send money to, that we’ll send you either via email or dm on twitter).

We can’t stress this enough – Sarah will need all the votes she can get, so lets do this for her guys.