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Sarah Harding at Arrogant Cat and Selfridges, London 05/03/2008

English singer in the girl group Girls Aloud, and model Sarah Harding partakes in some retail therapy at Arrogant Cat and Selfridges in London, England. The hot blond looked sexy in skinny jeans, red boots and a black leather jacket.

Credit Hayley GAM for these pics

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2 new Tangled up Dates

Due to popular demand GA have added another 2 dates to the Tangled Up tour

Cardiff 3rd June 2008


Birmingham NEC 4th June 2008
Presales are on sale now General sale starts Friday 9am

Congrats Girls
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Sarah – ‘I’m loud and lairy on stage’

Sarah Harding has admitted that she can be a “loud, lairy gobsh**e” on stage.The Girls Aloud singer said her exhibitionist side comes out during performances because she wants to hide her sensitivity.She told the Sunday Mirror: “I can be really feisty because I don’t like people to see my vulnerabilities.”But when I go up on stage, it’s like I’m possessed. I become the loud, lairy gobsh**e.”Harding recently denied claims that she is planning a solo career.

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Sarahs message on Official

Hi guys, here we go again, another week and another story about us splitting up. Why are the papers obsessed with this story?? We all love being in Girls Aloud, yes some days you do have bad days but this is the best job in the world.We had such a great day on Saturday at Ant and Dec as it was the first time we were all back together and it felt like we were back,back,back. We’re all getting together later this week to start coming up with ideas for the tour and we cannot wait. Run for cover people, we’re coming to a town near you soon…
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Sarah Harding’s boob job wish

Sarah Harding wants to have a boob job to correct her “fluctuating” breasts.The Girls Aloud beauty lost her enviable assets when she slimmed down from a size 12 to a size 8 and is thinking about going under the knife to “refill” them.She said: “My boobs aren’t too bad, but they fluctuate. They go up and they go down. They’ve got a life of their own. I don’t like them too small or too big, just in the middle. “I used to think I wanted them done when they got really small. I used to be a DD cup but when I lose a bit of weight, they get smaller. And it’s not like they just suddenly shrink and stay really pert either – sometimes you need something just to refill them a little bit. So yes, I’d definitely consider it.”However, Sarah – who was a bridesmaid at Jordan’s wedding to Peter Andre in September 2005 – says she won’t be following in the British model’s footsteps by having her breasts enlarged to ridiculous proportions.She added to Britain’s Star magazine: “I wouldn’t want to carry around things that big. I’ve not seen her boobs since she had them reduced. I think her old boobs made her career, but small boobs are more trendy now and fashionable. She doesn’t need the big boobs now, she was sick of them weighing her down.”Jordan, real name Katie Price, recently had her breasts reduced from a massive GG to a more manageable D cup.
Credit GAM
Lets hope its crap because i love her boobs just how they are.
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Sarah Hints At Ga split

Sarah Harding has signalled that a curtain call for Britain’s top girl group is just around the corner. The party animal says she and her Girls Aloud bandmates are ‘sick of the sight of each other’ and the rest of the group have now accepted that Nadine Coyle has distanced herself with a life in LA. Harding, 26, confessed: ‘I’ve had times where I’ve felt I can’t do this any more. It’s not an easy business to be in.’After six albums, Harding reveals the in-fighting and the *Female Dog* fights are harder to conceal. ‘By the end of a campaign, we’re sick of the sight of each other,’ she says. ‘It’s like, “Oh, f***ing hell, you again!” You can’t stick five girls together and expect it to be la-di-da.’ The Ultimo lingerie model is already eyeing up a new life, saying: ‘I want to put my fingers in all pies. I’ll try anything once. I’m trisexual.’ Harding’s comments to Star magazine follow fresh speculation of a rift after Coyle, 22, abandoned the group at the Brits. Coyle – who has also bought a Mexican restaurant Stateside – claims she missed the show because she forgot her passport.
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Curl’s Aloud for Sarah Harding

TIME to stamp SARAH HARDINGs backside she has been bitten by the Ashes To Ashes bug.
The GIRLS ALOUD star was snapped on yet another night on the tiles with bandmate NICOLA ROBERTS at Mahiki in Londons West End.
The Manc singer had kept her curly blonde hairdo after appearing on ANT & DECs Saturday Night Takeaway performing the girl bands new track Can’t Speak French.
And with her sporting an Eighties-style tight perm. there is a definite touch of TV cop KEELEY HAWES in there which is no bad thing.
Sarah is like the Arsenal of the Caners League campaign she always finishes in the top three. She has put in a solid start to the year with her boozing but remember. it’s a marathon, not a sprint.
Lets hope we see some new Caner talent soon after a very subdued awards season.

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Sarah and Nicola at Nobu and Mahiki 01/03/08

Girls Aloud’s Sarah Harding and Nicola Roberts dine at Nobu Berkeley before going to Mahiki Club with friends. They seem in a very good mood, particularly ‘curly’ Sarah. London. UK 01/03/08


Other pics can be found at the links below all credit Hayley Gam for the gorgoeus pics