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GIRLS Aloud proved they’re definitely not taking a break from each other as they launched the new Kit Kat Senses bar today.The girls looked gorgeous as they posed for the new low-calorie treat at London’s Soho Hotel.The pop stars signed up for the contract with Nestle, rumoured to be worth £10million, earlier this month.TV adverts for the campaign, which feature the girls strutting their stuff on a red carpet, will air early next month. This follows a stint of promotions the girls have faced, having previously fronted mega-deals with Sunsilk shampoo and conditioners as well as Samsung mobile phones.But the girls aren’t sick of the freebies yet. Sarah Harding is enjoying it far too much, “I worked my way through a whole box the other day,” she admitted at London’s Capital Radio Awards. “I felt quite sick. I wouldn’t recommend it.”


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NOW we all know that Sarah Harding isn’t averse to setting a few fashion trends.And of late she’s been seen sporting sexy snow-capped finger tips. We hear on the celebrity grapevine that it’s thanks to some gloriously glossy white nail varnish by hot brand Barry M. Sarah is said to love the White Nail Paint, that retails at a very reasonable £2.95. Barry M is available nationwide from Superdrug. Time to hit the shops, girls

Chezza ready for a slap-up pamperCaring Sarah Harding is on a mission to cheer up Cheryl Cole… and she reckons the best way to do it is via her stomach. Girls Aloud star Sarah plans to whisk bandmate Cheryl away for a weekend of girly pampering – and some good old-fashioned dinners. Concerned that her pal needs perking up after husband Ashley’s infidelity, Sarah, 26, has booked Chezza, 24, into a posh country hotel. After being told about the Ockenden Manor – and its acclaimed Michelin-starred grub – the singer reckons a trip to the West Sussex retreat is precisely what the doctor ordered.It has a luxury spa and flower-filled rooms as well as peacocks roaming the surrounding area. Sarah thinks it will be the perfect preparation for the band’s UK tour, which kicks off in May. The hotel website boasts: “A place for peace and serenity, this Elizabethan Manor house is a haven for those that need to get away from it all.” So Ashley, make sure you steer well clear, you hear? Our source says: “Sarah has been so worried about Cheryl in recent weeks and is desperate for her to return to her usual bubbly self. “Because she’s been so busy with work and filming commitments, combined with all her welldocumented problems with Ashley, she’s hardly had any down time. “She’s also lost a quite a bit of weight of late, what with all the stress. Sarah basically wants to get Cheryl out into the fresh air and get her totally pampered. “Another advantage is that the hotel’s head chef, Stephen Crane, is famed for his hearty, no-nonsense meals. “He’s from the Gordon Ramsay school of thought and doesn’t take to diets or fad foods too kindly. “It’s going to be a weekend of pure indulgence – the girls are already joking that Cheryl will emerge from the hotel needing some seriously reinforced Bridget Jones knickers!” Ashley will be pleased…

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Sarah Harding wants to star in her own comedy series.
The Girls Aloud star is so addicted to British sketch shows she is thinking of approaching TV networks with ideas for her own programme.
She said: “I love sketch shows! I would love to have a sketch show. I love the grandmother in ‘The Catherine Tate Show’. I’m always doing impressions of her – I really like her!”
Meanwhile, Sarah has also revealed modelling underwear for Ultimo has led to her considering a career change.
She said: “Of course, like every woman, I’m conscious of my body, but I love modelling. If I had longer legs, smaller boobs, smaller hips and was a bit taller, I’d love to have done a bit of catwalk.”
The 26-year-old blonde star recently revealed she is also unhappy with her hair.
She said: “I’m in transition with my hair right now. I’m growing it out. I hate it. I was a little like, ‘Oh p**s off’ with the Dr. Spock thing about my hairstyle. That look is going to be big this year. Anyway, my bloke prefers me in the morning when I look like a little rat buster.”

The Big Bag Bug
Mar 22 2008 By Samantha Booth
Celebs Can’t Resist Sporting Huge Handbags Despite The Back Damage
GIRLS Aloud star Sarah Harding has been moaning about a bad back and reckons it is all down to the fashion for oversized handbags.
However the singer, who attended the Capital Awards for Help A London Child, is not the only star to pick up on the massive handbag trend.
Stars such Eva Longoria, Coleen McLoughlin, Victoria Beckham and Alex Curran have all been spotted out dragging around handbags that look like they weigh almost as much as the fashion divas themselves.
Sarah’s band mate Chreyl Cole has also been seen wrestling with a suitcase-sized handbag and Hollywood star Hilary Duff has been caught on camera carrying a bag so large, she is almost bent double in an a attempt to bear its weight.
Katie Holmes has even been seen with a handbag so big she could almost fit husband Tom Cruise inside it.
But are followers of fashion putting their health at risk for the sake of looking stylish? Chiropractor Emma Gillett is not surprised that Sarah is suffering from a bad back and she warned that continually carrying a large handbag could easily cause serious problems.
She said: “I am certain that Sarah must be getting back pains if she is regularly carrying a large bag.
“The problem is, a large heavy handbag is generally going to be carried on the one shoulder which can cause problems like repetitive strain injury.
“Having that kind of weight always on one shoulder is an ergonomic disaster for the body.
“Carrying weights on one side of the body like that places tension on all the muscles round the neck, shoulder blade, cavical and arm.
“This pain can travel into the back and can even cause problems with nerves and blood vessels.
“If women are carrying these bags about they will know they are causing problems if they have a recurring pain in the neck, shoulders, upper back, elbow or wrist.
“They might also experience a tingling sensation or numbness and because of the strain in those areas, they might begin to get a loss of grip or strength in the arm.
“The muscles might also feel hard and knotted as well.
“The pain might even start to trouble you when you are sitting down and if it goes on long enough, these can become long term problems and can be difficult to treat.
“I really am a fashion-conscious chiropractor, but I do think women have to rethink these bags.
“My advice would be to get a bag you carry in your hand like a clutch bag and if you really can’t resist an over-sized bag, then buy one that looks really good empty and use it carry around nothing other than your mobile, lipstick and credit card.
“The only good thing about them from a chiropractor’s point of view is that they will only be in fashion for a while and the trend for mini handbags or rucksacks will eventually return.”

SARAH HARDING quit the Capital radio awards early to see her osteopath because her back had left her in agony.
Hopefully she’s not giving her verdict on his advice in my picture.
The good news is she managed to overcome her discomfort for a lengthy night on the tiles later that day.
The wasted star was snapped tumbling out of London’s Punk nightclub at 2.30am with pals – in the same gown she wore at the afternoon bash.
I prescribe a quiet night in . . .

WHILE most of us look forward to a chocolate egg and some telly specials over Easter weekend – for the celebs it means serious party time.
Caner SARAH HARDING and gal pal NICOLA ROBERTS hit London after attending the Capital Awards, dancing the night away at swanky Mayfair venue Mahiki.
The GIRLS ALOUD singers then moved on to trendy club-of-the-moment Punk, with blonde Sarah looking a little worse for wear in an orange mini-dress.
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She looked glam filming Girls Aloud’s megabucks Kit Kat ad but Sarah Harding felt sick after scoffing all that chocolate.
Singer Sarah, 26, told us, at the Capital Awards Help A London Child event, how she had to chomp her way through a big box of Kit Kats for the role.
Looking stunning alongside band mates Nicola Roberts and Kimberley Walsh, she said: “I loved doing the ad but I had to eat so much chocolate that, in the end, I asked for a cup to spit it out in. I was eating it from 5am to midnight.”

Sarah Harding leaving the Capital Awards held at the Riverbank Park Plaza London, England – 20.3.08

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