Bad Day


In 2006 Sarah Harding filmed her first movie role for a British film called Bad Day directed by Ian David Diaz. She plays Jade Jennings, the film also stars Claire Goose and Donna Air.

Although it was only a cameo role Sarah was absolutely amazing as Jade Jennings. It took over 3 years for Bad Day to final be released on DVD but it was worth the wait.

Ian Diaz on Sarah

How did you get pop starlet Sarah Harding involved in the movie?

Sarah is a friend of Gena, the producer. It was she who suggested Sarah for the Jade roll, I wasn’t sure at first but when I met her she was very pumped up about it. Her part was only a cameo but it’s a part that’s not forgotten because of what happens to the Jade character. She also generated interest in the movie being from the successful girls band Girls Aloud which we needed. She’s lovely, giggles a lot and doesn’t act like the big I am.

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Pics of Sarah filming and promotional pics can all be found on Sarah Addicts Gallery, click pic below all pics are credit to Ian Diaz who has given us permission to use them.