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Nadine took to twitter again last night to show support for Sarah, its so nice to see one of the GA girls making the effort to support Sarah and her journey in CBB.

Sarah was chatting in the diary room about missing Girls Aloud


On last nights episode of Celebrity Big Brother Sarah and Amelia performed the Girls Aloud hit The Promise.

Sarah has done an exclusive interview and photoshoot with OK magazine this week.

She Talks about her injury she got from taking part in The Jump, Cheryl and Liam, Girls Aloud and many other things, be sure to buy a copy.

You can find the scans Here

On the picture above Sarah is wearing a dress by Novo London, its currently onsale at the moment and only costs £50.00

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On the picture above Sarah is wearing a dress by Lipsy, costing £58.00

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Sarah performed at Leeds Pride over the weekend. Sarah performed Sexy! No No No, Love Machine, Live Before I Die, L O V E, Jump and The Promise.

We’ve uploaded a few clips onto Youtube.

Sarah looked and sounded amazing and she seemed to really enjoy herself, Sarah has such love for the LGBT community and that really did show on Sunday.

With an astonishing 20 consecutive top ten hits, 4.3 million singles sold and 4 million albums, Girls Aloud are the biggest-selling girl group of the 21st century.

But what are the stories behind the band’s biggest hits? Who was offered their breakout hit ‘Sound of the Underground’ first? Which Girls Aloud single gave Cheryl Cole “goosebumps” and which hit nearly didn’t make the album? We’ve delved deep into the group’s history to find out some surprising facts…


Following their formation on Popstars: The Rivals, the girls were pitted against fellow contestants One True Voice for the 2002 Christmas No. 1 spot. From those first whirring guitars and the faux drum-and-bass beats, it was clear which song would nab the crown: it catapulted Girls Aloud from reality-show winners to a fully fledged pop entity.
What you may not know about the song is that the track had, in fact, already been recorded by short-lived London-based girl group Orchid, whose vocals are allegedly still present in parts of the chorus. And according to Cheryl Cole: Her Story, an unauthorised biography of the Geordie singer, Samantha Mumba turned down the opportunity to record the song, too.
Her loss, as ‘Sound Of The Underground’ spent four weeks at the top of the charts, selling over a half a million copies in the process.


Released as the follow-up to ‘Sound of the Underground’, ‘No Good Advice’ continued down the trajectory of scuzzy guitars, pop production and spunky vocals that would pepper the band’s discography throughout their career. However, this wasn’t always the case. In fact, originally the song was set over a rave backing track and mutated after some tweaks from the Xenomania musicians.
The track originated in the late ’90s, when Xenomania’s Brian Higgins and Miranda Cooper, under the moniker Moonbaby, were signed to London Records, the home of All Saints. However, shortly after being signed, things went pair shaped, and the label went bankrupt. The song’s lyrics deal with the strained relationship between the duo and the defunct record label, which, strangely, would later mirror Girls Aloud’s own relationship with their then manager, Louis Walsh.
However, Cooper and Higgins aren’t the only writers to feature on ‘No Good Advice’. In fact, Lene Nystrøm, from the Danish-Norwegian group Aqua, also has a co-write on the track.


The Oasis-like track nearly didn’t make the group’s debut album. Producer and writer Brian Higgins claimed that he didn’t think that the band could master such an emotive song, but changed his mind once he heard their version, claiming: “They really nailed the melancholic aspect of it, and it sounded beautiful.” The song was one of the final few added to the group’s debut album and, according to Nicola Roberts, was the group’s favourite song on the collection.


Released as the second song from Girls Aloud’s sophomore album What Will The Neighbours Say, ‘Love Machine’ is perhaps one of the group’s most distinctive and memorable songs, and even got indie thumbs up from then-newcomers, Arctic Monkeys.
According to the liner notes of the mighty Girls Aloud Singles Box Set, ‘Love Machine’ was written via a method Xenomania have of writing songs where they would sing nonsense lyrics over a backtrack and see what became of it. The Smiths supposedly inspired the backing track.
In Girls Aloud’s autobiography, Dreams That Glitter: Our Story, Nicola Roberts recalls how the song was recorded in 18(!) parts over three days, and how there was debate around releasing the now iconic song as a single (Sarah Harding wanted ‘Deadlines & Diets’, apparently).
In an interview with trendy fashion magazine Ponystep, Brian Higgins claimed that Girls Aloud’s label requested that Xenomania write and produce all of Girls Aloud’s second album, otherwise they weren’t “going to do this group any more”.


Without doubt, ‘Biology’ is the song that woke the rest of the world up to the power of Girls Aloud. In fact, The Guardian called the track “the best pop song of the last decade”, while notoriously indie US music site Pitchfork placed the song at 245 on the ‘Top 500 Tracks of the 2000s’, despite the band never truly achieving success in the United States.
Speaking of the song’s conception, Miranda Cooper said: “‘Biology’ was just that little piano hook at the beginning, but I remember it probably took two years to work out how to come out of that intro, what it would go into.” Similarly, the song’s line about “Wicked games”, was actually inspired by a discarded cover of Chris Isaak’s iconic melancholic song ‘Wicked Game’, which Girls Aloud had recorded. It also takes nearly two minutes for the song to reach its chorus.
In 2006 Brian Higgins claimed that ‘Biology’ was his favourite Xenomania track. Speaking to trade publication MusicWeek, he said: “I heard the intro and I knew that was a hit, although it was only five seconds.”

6. ‘SEXY! NO NO NO…’

Ever wondered why ‘Sexy! No No No…’ sounds like three songs mashed together? Well, that’s because it is. However, according to Brian Higgins, “‘Sexy! No, No, No’ sounded ridiculously challenging because we thought that radio wasn’t going to play them anyway. It was like two fingers up to everybody. You’re not going to play them on the radio, anyway, so we’ll give you something that you couldn’t play.”


In a list compiled by Billboard, Girls Aloud’s ‘Call the Shots’ was named the most underrated song by a girl group. Despite this, the song still managed to peak at number three in the UK. Originally intended as the lead single from the group’s first greatest hits collection The Sound of Girls Aloud, it was deemed too “downbeat” and was eventually released as the second single from Tangled Up, the band’s fourth album.
Speaking to The Guardian, songwriter Miranda Cooper stated that ‘Call the Shots’ was inspired by an article named after Miranda Hobbes from Sex and the City, which investigated how women were earning more than men.
The track was begun during a sojourn Xenomania took in Paris while Girls Aloud were off filming their fly-on-the-wall TV show The Passions of Girls Aloud, but took nearly two years to finish.


Released in the latter half of 2008, ‘The Promise’ was only the second Girls Aloud lead single to debut at number one. Somewhat helped by Cheryl’s stint as a judge on The X Factor, the song was a sonic departure for the group, and won them their first BRIT award.
The instrumental for the track was co-written by two Australian writers from camp Xenomania, Jason Resch and Kieran Jones. Speaking of the writing process, Cooper said: “Brian was so sure it was going to be a huge hit that we literally planned the day that we would be writing this ‘number one’. I think that was obviously when we’d had a lot of success and we were very confident.”
The song was written in seven minutes on a sunny Thursday, but the day before the song was due to be submitted to the label they re-recorded the entire backing track. Cutting it pretty fine…

Credit to Digital Spy for this article

Sarah played at Manchester Pride on the 29th August 2015.

She sang 2 solo tracks and 2 Girls Aloud tracks and the audience absolutely loved her, everyone was singing and dancing along. She looked sensational in a red latex cat suit which some of you might recognise from the Threads video.

She came out singing Love Machine which got the whole crowd going.

Next she sang Live Before I Die.

Then she sang The Promise, we’ve always adored Sarah singing this because it shows off what an amazing voice she’s got.

And finally she sang Threads, which saw her rocking out on stage.


Sarah performed at Total Access Live on the 15th August at Betley Farm near Crewe.

We were lucky enough to be able to go, due to one of us working until 1pm we didn’t get there until gone 2pm so we didn’t have the best view but Sarah still managed to spot us and thanks to having a good camera we got some good footage.

Sarah looked and sounded absolutely amazing, she sang 4 songs Love Machine, Live Before I Die, The Promise and Threads. We’ve uploaded a few clips to youtube.





Threads single

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Threads EP
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Sarah played at G-A-Y on the 8th August. She performed 4 songs and was on stage for about 15 minutes. She did Threads, Live before I die, The Promise and Love machine.

Love Machine

The Promise



The amazingly talented Sarah Harding performed her debut showcase at the O2 Islington Academy in London on the 26th March 2014.

Sarah came on stage wearing a Nympha fish spirit bodysuit, Jeffrey Campbell boots and a leather jacket, flashing her amazing legs which literally seemed never ending.

The first track was Poison Ivy, a rock/pop track which we think could be a smash hit, after just hearing once the track has been stuck in our heads, we can already picture the video Sarah would do to go with this track.

Next Sarah launched into Sound of the Underground, which she sounded amazing doing, obviously we’re biased but we thought Sarah did an brilliant job.

Next Sarah gave us another taste of her solo stuff  L.O.V.E, which we can picture being a smash hit this summer being played in all the clubs all summer all, it has a very catchy chorus and you’ll find yourself singing it all day after listening to it just once.

Next came the old classic and much loved Girls Aloud song Love Machine.

Next Sarah did Not That Girl which she co-wrote, she said this track is very poignant to her and listening to the words you can clearly see why.

Next Sarah did Sexy!No No No, the best track Girls Aloud recorded, in the sound check she was saying she’d the first girl who has performed this track solo. She blew us away with her vocals on this, this has always been the track we could imagine Sarah doing solo and it didn’t disappoint, Sarah can easily pull this off with her rock chick voice and image, the perfect Girls Aloud cover for her in our opinion.

Next came You Changed My Mind and you could tell how much this song means to Sarah and how special it is to her, she was filling it up when singing. ‘You changed my mind, when love had gone’ we can’t help but think she wrote this track with Mark in mind. Have to admit this was our favourite solo track that she performed, an amazing uptempo ballad, really hope that at some point Sarah releases this as a single.

Next Sarah did a cover of Rihanna’s Diamonds which again she did with easy, showing what amazing vocal talent she’s got.

Sarah quickly launched into a cover of Pharrell – Happy, which again was an really good.

Then everyone went off stage  and Sarah came back on for her encore which was The Promise, this is another one of Girls Aloud most loved songs and Sarah sang this with easy, its like this song was written with her voice in mind, her ‘Here I am walking Primrose’ and her long note ‘Coz Babyyyy’ blow us away every time we hear the song and this was no exception, she sounded absolutely perfect.

Even though Sarah was only on stage for around 50 minutes it was worth every single penny, something which we were happy to be there to see. Being massive fans of Sarah we have to say that she did us proud, we knew she was going to be amazing but we were blown away by just how amazing she was. The 4 solo tracks she performed show HUGE potential and we hope that her album is released soon and we hope those 4 tracks are featured on there. Marks out of 10 we’d have to give it 11, by far the best concert we’ve ever been too and we hope that Sarah tours with her album, Sarah was born to be on that stage.

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