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Girls Aloud at Osborne House

SUMMER one-off music concerts can be a bit hit and miss as Meat Loaf’s recent outing at Broadlands demonstrated.
But Girls Aloud, at Osborne House, were worth every penny of the £35 ticket price as well as the difficulty some audience members had in getting to the Isle of Wight venue thanks to a broken down ferry.
The girls played for around an hour and a quarter, treating the audience to a string of top ten hits, tracks off the latest album Tangled Up and a number of covers.
They also had an outfit change, starting the show dressed in super sexy black, white and blue Barbarella outfits complete with male dancers in eyebrow raising bondage-esque gear, before changing into sparkly gold spangly cocktail dresses.
They started in style with Sexy! No No No performing some surprisingly raunchy dance moves given the pre-teen age of the majority of the audience. The outfits and dance moves were a little incongruous with them regularly smiling and waving at their kiddie fans – not that the audience seemed to mind.
Another early crowd pleaser was their first ever hit Number 1 smash Sound of the Underground. This provided a massive cheer from the crowd, as did altered lyrics “base line jumps in the Isle of Wight”.
After the costume change Sarah, Nadine, Kimerley, Nicola and Cheryl returned with their dancers dressed in tuxedos, ballroom dancing with them as they performed I Can’t Speak French. And on the next track, Love Machine, they made use of an impressive revolving section of the stage.
Throughout the entire concert the girls danced enthusiastically and impressively, pulling off well executed routines with their expert backing dancers.
The girls are known for performing the odd cover and they performed a number at Osborne House with varying success. Their version of Robyn’s Every Heartbeat didn’t really work musically. For one thing while Cheryl was emotively singing “and it hurts with every heartbeat” Sarah Harding was leaping around the stage punching the air and shouting Yeh!
However, their energetic cover of Salt n Peppa’s Push It was a definite success, being lots of fun and showing off the girls’ ability to whip the crowd up.
The highlight of the night was another cover Jump while their encore Something Kinda OOOOh wrapped up an excellent show with style.