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SHOW us a cuter couple than Sarah Harding and Tom Crane, and we will brand you a liar.Our platinum-bonced friend, 26, is happier than a simple monkey with two ready-peeled bananas.And she is keen to make an honest man of the hunky DJ, 28.While he played sweet music to V Festival guests in the Virgin Mobile Louder Lounge, the Girls Aloud foxbot drowned out the beating of her heart by squealing: “I absolutely love him. He’s really good for me. “We’ve talked about marriage and all that and I’m like, gerrin there. Everything is just perfect.”Now we’re no Miss Marple, but her melon wedge grin implied as much as she waxed lyrical about her mister of one year.The pair have bought a £1million nest in Princes Risborough, Buck-inghamshire, to sprog up.Tom added: “We’ve spoken about starting a large family and marriage and will do so soon, when the time is right for both of us.”But love is tiring work, so Sarah filled her pretty chops with steak sandwiches, chips and Haribos, disproving foolish weight loss stories.She laughed: “God, I’m starving. You know how much I love my food. “Just because I’m thin doesn’t mean I’m not greedy.”Our favourite pop cutie deserved every pesky calorie after Girls Aloud’s brilliantly energetic set.And when she’s not eating all the pies, Sarah has her fingers in them, which is why she’s recording a cover of Kings of Leon’s Sex On Fire.She said: “It’s such an honour to do their song.”But the festival lover has one last event to go before she begins her cold turkey along with the rest of us – Camp Bestival, which has an aquatic theme this year.And who will she be going as? “SpongeBob Squarepants. Tom will too, for me,” said Sarah.Now that really is love.