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Girls Aloud’ reveal their top beauty secrets

Girls Aloud have revealed the secrets to always looking fabulous.

The British group – who wowed fans with their flawless hair and make-up at the BRIT Awards earlier this month – each rely on a different beauty essential to maintain their A-list looks.
Cheryl Cole insists luscious lips are the stable of any star and never leaves the house without a good moisturiser in her handbag.

She said: “There is nothing worse than having cracked lips. I find Vaseline or Elizabeth Arden 8-hour cream always work for me.”

Once you have mastered the art of a plump and baby-soft pout, Cheryl advises you to slick on some lipstick.

The 25-year-old brunette – who has recently been favouring a hot pink lipstick – added: “I think fuller lips suit natural tones, while smaller lips can get away with something brighter.”
Kimberley Walsh insists she doesn’t feel ready to grace a showbiz bash unless she has headline-grabbing hair to show off.

She said: “Velcro rollers are really good for making your hair big and bouncy. I like using heated rollers too. I hairspray each roller as I go along. It really works!”

Sarah Harding has a top tip to ensure you don’t wake up with spotty skin after a night out. The 27-year-old party animal won’t go to bed – no matter how late she gets home – until she has taken her make-up off.

Sarah added to Top of the Pops magazine: “It is really important not to leave your make-up on. If you are feeling tired just use a cleansing wipe. And if you have combination skin, it is better not to use perfumed moisturisers because they can irritate.”

Nadine Coyle is never without her capsule make-up bag – containing black eyeliner, lip balm and concealer – while Nicola Roberts is adamant every fashionista should own a pair of eyelash curlers.

It was recently revealed Girls Aloud are to launch their own range of false eyelashes.
UK lash brand Eylure are working with the gorgeous group to create a limited edition of five different lashes – one to suit each girl.