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Handbag chats to Girls Aloud

Discover their new beauty venture, their skin care secrets and what they insist is their biggest beauty must-do.By Beauty Editor, Katie CorcoranThis afternoon I was ushered to a secret location in London to be part of a small intimate press conference with Girls Aloud. The reason being because today they are launching their new range of false eyelashes – which is all very appropriate for five girls who are constantly on the go, always looking immaculate and who get papped every time they leave the house! Yes, for this girl group looking good is part of every day life and what better way to catch the camera’s eye than with a good set of fluttering lashes.Even though time was of the essence the girls were chatty, smiley, willing to answer all our questions, stunningly pretty and above all – nice! I’d of quite happily stayed and chatted for hours, this is one girl group I’d love to share a bottle of wine with!Ok, back to beauty. So what drew the girls to this new eyelash range with Eylure? Well they had complete creative control over what was produced, and for a group of girls ‘obsessed’ with fake lashes, as Nadine puts it, this meant they no longer had to cut and shape their falsies as they each the chance to create the perfect pair for their individual requirements. Nicola has gone for natural and feminine, Sarah loves the dramatic style with a shorter length, Nadine wanted ones for every day that still have impact, Kimberly went for light and natural and Cheryl’s are designed for full-on Saturday night glamour! And what’s more they assured us they even apply their own lashes with Kimberley’s top-tip being you should apply the glue to your false lashes, blow on them until the glue gets tacky (close to drying), and then apply as close to the eyelash line as possible. Apparently it’s a big no-no to apply wet glue to your flashes lashes and then apply them whilst it’s wet by the way. But we all knew that right?Besides lashes the girls simply can’t live without their beauty bags; Cheryl loves those magnifying mirrors for plucking her eye brows, which she says should always be done after a hot shower and Kimberly especially loves to lather on a good moisturiser at night (she just loves the Elemis Pro Collagen cream of course £125,, so she wakes up with amazing skin – the girls groan a bit at this as they all agree that rather annoyingly Kimberly does have baby soft skin and like me it’s something they were all pining after!Sarah says she can’t live without a good mascara or eye lash curler when her false lashes have the day off; she loves the MAC Splash Proof (£10.77, and Nicola reckons that shaving with baby oil is the next best thing to sliced bread, silky smooth legs every time apparently! It’s something I’m definatley going to be testing.Plus with summer approaching and some fabulous holidays sure to be on the horizons, the girls said they don’t go without packing some Nivea Face Crème (from £1.49 for after tanning to keep skin well moistursed, Sarah loves the St Tropez Face cream (£18, for some colour without the tanning time and the Palmers Cocoa Butter (£3.50, was a hit with them all. We love the fact they are so high street with their beauty!Finally the biggest beauty rule that all the girls agreed on was that you must remove your make-up before bed. Yes ladies take note, if Girls Aloud can still find the time to cleanse after a night performing, on the tiles or simply relaxing at home, then I think we all can!The Girls Aloud Eylure lashes £5 each, Superdrug nationwide now and from the 20 April.source: