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[Spolier]Oooh, we know who Sarah Harding’s got a big crush on…

We’ve just realised we’ve got more in common with Sarah Harding than we thought. OK, so she’s in a hugely famous band and stuff, but she still has crushes on famous actors just like the rest of us. In a brand new interview with IN:DEMAND on Manchester’s Key103, Sarah Harding admits, “I quite fancy Robert Pattinson. We [Girls Aloud] all watched Twilight on the bus the other day, and I just fell in love with him on that film.” Despite her new crush, Sarah says things with her man Tom Crane are “going really well” and that they’ve both fallen in love with their new French Bulldog puppy. Awww. Talking about Girls Aloud’s current tour, Sarah admits it’s been “absolutely manic” and that she was actually quite scared about some of the routines. “I was absolutely petrified at first,” she laughs. “And the pole dancing killed my arms to start with.” To hear more from Sarah, including details about what the girls get up to backstage, make sure you tune in to IN:DEMAND on Manchester’s Key103 this Friday evening.Heatworld