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Sarah Harding ‘to work on solo material’

Sarah Harding has confirmed that she is in talks to record solo material for the upcoming St. Trinian’s movie soundtrack.The Girls Aloud singer, who landed a part in St Trinian’s: The Legend of Fritton’s earlier this year, insisted that she has not turned her back on her music career.”I’m still going to do music. It’s my first love. I want to concentrate on acting, but it’s not going to stop me from doing some writing,” she told Heat.”I may be doing some work on the St. Trinian’s soundtrack, as well as appearing in it, which is exciting.”Harding stressed that she is still committed to Girls Aloud, despite the group taking an extended break.”We’re not splitting up, we’re just taking time out. It’s been six years and we all wanted to explore different ideas,” she said.”We’ll probably start doing another album next year. We’ve been on a treadmill for six years, so we needed a break.”The group recorded the theme tune and made a brief cameo appearance in 2008’s St. Trinian’s.