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Fans Will Cry At Tennant’s Goodbye

The Scottish actor’s four-year run as the popular timelord comes to an end this Christmas, despite objections from the show’s hardcore supporters.
Speaking at the launch of the next episode, David joked: “I actually want to stay for another 15 years, Matt Smith’s actually in Cardiff pretending.
“No that’s not true. We finished filming back in April and I get to see the final episodes tomorrow, it may be emotional.”
The series’ writer Russell T Davies is also calling it a day after his four-year run.
He has promised fans that the Doctor will go out with a bang.
“This is fabulous,” he said. “But be prepared to weep. It is sad – but good sad.”
Davies also let slip that some big names will be reunited with the Doctor before the end of the year.
John Simm, Catherine Tate and Bernard Cribbins are all involved in the final storylines.
With the last three episodes already filmed, both Tennant and Davies are looking to the future.
December will be a good month for Tennant fans, with him appearing on our screens in a TV adaptation of Hamlet.
He can also be seen performing in Stephen Poliakoff’s new film Glorious 39, which is out at the end of November, but is refusing to respond to speculation he is teaming up with Simon Pegg for a film in the future.
David also makes an appearance in the next St Trinian’s film starring Gemma Arterton and Sarah Harding.
He told Sky News he had some doubts about getting involved.
“I thought is this going to be tough, is there going to be lots of screaming and running around?” he explained.
“But they are all good mates; they were a lovely set of girls to hang out with.”

Davies has recently moved to LA in an attempt to break into American TV.
He says he will always be a proud Brit at heart, but is loving a bit of Hollywood celebrity spotting.
“I did stand in a café the other day next to Tim Robbins and he ordered two lattes. I loved it, my eyes were boggling,” he recounted.
The next episode of Dr Who, titled The Waters of Mars, is expected to air in November before a two-part finale over the Christmas period.