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Sarah Harding on Legs long on allure

Sarah Harding is a talented beauty and self-confessed lover of a good booze up. The Girls Aloud singer and now actress tells What Women Want how she keeps looking starry eyed and fresh despite a punishing lifestyle of tours, recording, film shoots and non stop parties.


Q.1 What is your best beauty secret? Lots of sleep! I like my sleep – a good eight hours. Lots of water is also really important. I fill a jug up and put in half a lemon and half a lime – that way I get my full 1.5 litres a day.


Q.2 What is your face cleansing ritual? I don’t stick to anything for too long, I like to switch products. I use a daily exfoliator and face wash, a rose toner which helps remove dirt and a light moisturiser in the morning. I use a heavier moisturiser in the evening and a good eye cream.


Q.5 What do you use to keep your legs looking so smooth, toned and moisturised? Having hair-free legs instantly makes legs look and feel great. I’ve been using Veet’s hair removal products for years, but I’ve just started using the new Veet Suprem’ Essence Hair Removal Cream which smells lovely as well as being quick and easy to use. It leaves my legs silky soft and so moisturised.


Q.6 Do you wear much make-up or do you prefer the natural look? I don’t wear much during the day – just a little mascara or lip gloss and maybe a bit of concealer. At night I like to glam up as I like to feel special. I tend to go from one extreme to the other!


Q.7 What is your favourite foundation? I don’t tend to wear a foundation, I prefer the Mac concealer pots and Mac Mineral Powder for the day time.


Q.8 What is your favourite blusher? The Lancome bronzer/blusher or Chanel – a pinky shade.


Q.9 What colour eyeshadow do you wear and why? Goldeny brown – it makes my eyes look bluer!


Q.10 What is your favourite mascara? I like waterproof macsara as it holds your lashes better. Maybelline Colossal Effect during the day, and Mac Splash Proof in the evening because the brush has great pick up to give you a really voluminous effect.


Q.11 Do you wear lipstick or lip balm? Which brand and colour is your favourite? It depends on occasion and the look, but the majority of the time, I mix a bit of lipstick with a gloss on top. I tend to go for frosty peach or a pinky shade for a fresher daytime look.


Q.12 What one beauty product could you not do without and why? For make-up, my eye lash curlers. Because when eyelashes are curled it really opens up your eyes. The eyes are important in my ‘look’. For body, I can’t live without Veet’s new Suprem’ Essence In-Shower Hair Removal Cream for instantly hair free legs when I’m in a rush.


Q.16 What is your favourite perfume/scent and why? Chanel Mademoiselle. I bought a travel size Chanel Mademoiselle on the aeroplane recently, it’s a handbag one. I really like Rock and Rose too.


Q.17 What’s your secret to instant glamour? A good pair of shades and a bit of lipgloss!


Q.19 If you only had five minutes to get ready what would you do? Scrape my hair back, put on a big pair of shades and some lip gloss.


Q.20 What’s your rescue remedy for instantly lovely legs? My Veet Suprem’ Essence Spray On Hair Removal Cream is a lifesaver. It’s not messy and you can be precise about the amount you use. When you are touring it can be hard to keep on top of things, so you need something quick and easy.


Q.21 Tell me your desert island essential. Hairy legs are a total no-go, even if I’m stranded on a desert island, so hair remover! And sun block.


Q.22 What’s your biggest beauty indulgence? La Prairie Cellular Cream Platinum Rare. I love it. It adds a great glow to your skin.


Q.24 Tell me your current favorourite nail polish (name and make) I like Nails Inc & Duri nail polishes. I like frosty steel greys at the moment.


Q.27 If you’re going away on holiday, what essential beauty products would we find in your suitcase? I have a bag full of hair and makeup products, a good spray on sun cream – usually factor 20 or 30, face wipes, a good deodorant, and the Veet Bikini Cream Kit as it’s much less irritating than shaving. It’s perfect for sensitive body areas as it comes with a finishing cream to leave skin moisturised.


Q.28 In my make-up bag you’ll find… Eyelash curlers, waterproof mascara, Mac products and lipgloss.


Q.29 My daily beauty routine is….I get up and jump straight in the shower where I wash my face. I then moisturise my face and body and put on minimal make up if I’m staying at home, or a little more if I’m going out for the day.


Q.30 What’s the best beauty tip you’ve been given? Never go to bed with your makeup on


Q.31 What’s the beauty secret/tip you would share with a friend? Always play up Mascara and eyelashes. Eyes are the main feature of your face.