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Sarah on twitter 11.05.13

Sarah took to twitter yesterday (11.05.13) to show us she was making Lasagne.

The start  – Changed my mind….it’s lasagne now lol!

BKATFYiCEAADy4K.jpg large

All made – Ta daaaaa! Not long to go now!!

BKAV18XCcAAUnFb.jpg large

Cooked – Finally!! And yes there is garlic bread haha! Feel free to call nigella anytime lol!

BKAiYeECIAEDH3H.jpg large

Eaten – Anyone for leftovers?! Stuffed!!

BKAmVcGCEAApZxd.jpg large

She also posted a pic of one of her cats – Someone’s thirsty!!

BKAMWWqCEAI8D-w.jpg large

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