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Sarahs doodle for National doodle day


Is it time for Sarah Harding to follow her heart?

 The vibrant colours of this doodle reflect Sarah’s lively personality and love of excitement.

The radiating wavy lines express her enjoyment of rhythm and movement and show how she reaches out to others through music. She is drawn to the sun and wants bright lights shining on her so she can shine too.

Her elephant walks off into the sunset. Perhaps she feels the time has come to follow her heart and exit from the stage. A back view shows a desire for privacy, always a concern for someone in the public eye, and the tufts of grass in the foreground look prickly and aggressive, as if to warn others to keep their distance. Drawing the elephant’s backside also suggests that she is someone who likes to surprise or shock people, and if she wants to go her own way she will do so.

She’s up there are the top and marches out defiantly blowing her own trumpet, or blasting out raspberries.

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