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Sarah forced to pull out of The Jump

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Sarah has been forced by doctors to pull out of The Jump due to a torn ligament in her knee.

Obvious Sarah is absolutely gutted to be out but like we’ve said her health and well being are very more important.

We are incredibly sad that Sarah has had to pull out and we wish her a speedy recovery. I’m sure you’ll all agree that Sarah has done herself and the fans proud of how far she has come in the competition and how much she has achieved whilst on the show.

Here’s what Sarah had to say about it all.

sorry to say that I DID NOT QUIT but had no choice due to a ruptured ligament in my one from jumping guys, wish people/reporters/press would actually get their facts right before voicing their opinions sometimes. Am actually gutted to Rcv this news today after 6 wks of slogging my ass away trimming daily for 6 wks and to make it this far surpassed even my own expectations, but all I can say is, I did the best to my ability and despite the ups and downs (literally!) I am so proud of how much I progressed be how far I came. Have me some incredible friends and me some amazing memories on this once in a lifetime journey, so for that and so much more, I could not be more thankful. Peace. Tune in Sunday to find out more Tweeps. Goodnight, god bless and see u all on the other side….Hardcore