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Sarah releases a statement

Since appearing in The Jump I have been in constant pain with a knee injury, and as anyone who has experienced chronic pain will tell you, it can take a serious toll on you both physically and emotionally.
And at the same time I have the pressure of performing daily, for the first time in my career, in musical theatre – and as a lot of people know, I give the role of Molly in Ghost The Musical my absolute all at every performance.
But it is the relentless media scrutiny, the social media trolling and the sensationalised and at times fabricated stories in the press that hurt the most.
This opportunity was a dream come true for me. I have the privilege of working with a group of incredibly talented and dedicated individuals in a wonderful production. So despite some people and even some publications seemingly having an agenda to hurt me or to make me quit, I remain committed to the production, the cast, the crew, the producers and of course the amazing audiences round the UK who have been hugely supportive. Thank you all.

Sarah released the above press statement on Friday.

We don’t often comment of the stuff the press write about Sarah because we don’t feel the need to bring even more attention to the lies they seem fit to write, but on this occasion we feel we need to say something.

The abuse Sarah has received over the past few months has been heartbreaking for us to read so we dread to think how Sarah and her family and friends must feel reading it all. We have never understood why people feel the need to post abusive things to people they know nothing about. Are their own lifes lacking that they feel the need to do it? Do people not realise that celebrities are human? Yes we get that not everyone might like the person but why to go out of their way to send nasty, abusive comments to them!

The press have been so unfair and cruel to Sarah since Ghost started but especially more so over the past week, where some publications have literally brought up every single bad thing that has happened in Sarahs life, why do they feel the need to do this. If they aren’t bringing up her past they are fabricating stories claiming a source has told them, as soon as you see the term source in an article you know its going to be full of bullshit. We often wonder if journalists have feelings, would they want someone to write an article like they write about their daughter, sister, friend? We highly doubt most of them would, so the question is why do they think they can write it about someone that they don’t know? Whenever they post an article about Ghost they always post the negative comments and never the positive ones, why is this? We have seen so many positive comments about Sarah’s role in Ghost yet the press never publish those. Maybe instead of writing negative articles tearing Sarah apart all the time they should write a positive one, giving her credit for the hard work shes doing and use the positive comments that are tweeted.

We have seen Sarah in Ghost a few times and we think she’s amazing in it, she really does have such a good voice, shes doing herself and everyone proud (and no we’re not being biased there). We went to see the show in Blackpool and when we checked into our B&B the owners asked why we’d come to Blackpool and we said to watch Ghost they said, we watched that last week and Sarah Harding was really good in it and didn’t deserve all the abuse she was receiving, we’d not even mentioned Sarah to them and that was what they said to us.

We’re going to appeal to people and say go and watch Ghost yourself and form your own opinions instead of listening to the press, the trolls online and the bitter people who are just pissed off the role has gone to Sarah and not some musical theatre student.

We’re also going to appeal to the press and online trolls, before you write/tweets abusive articles/comments please try to think about how it all must be making Sarah feel, shes a human being at the end of the day and doesn’t deserve this constant harassment shes receiving. Sarah is one of the sweetest people we have ever had the pleasure of meeting, she is also such a hardworking woman who always puts 110% into every single thing that she does.

If you want to book tickets for Ghost heres the dates left of the tour and the links you need.

17th – 22th October

Cardiff New Theatre

Sarah is schedule to appear for all performances

25th – 29th October

Manchester Palace Theatre

Sarah is schedule to appear for all performances

31st October – 5th November

Oxford New Theatre

Sarah is schedule to appear for all performances

8th – 12th November

Dublin Bord Gais

Sarah is schedule to appear for all performances

14th – 19th November

Leeds Grand Theatre

Sarah is schedule to appear for all performances

21st – 26th November

Edinburgh Playhouse Theatre

Sarah is schedule to appear for all performances

28th November – 3rd December

Theatre Royal Nottingham

Sarah is schedule to appear for all performances