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Sarah to play Molly in Ghost the musical


Exciting news was released yesterday, Sarah is set to take on the iconic role of Molly Jensen in Ghost the musical, she’ll be playing alongside Andy Moss, who you might recognize as Rhys from Hollyoaks. The tour starts in September and runs until April 2017, at the moment they don’t know what dates Sarah will be doing, but as soon as we have anymore information we’ll let you know.

Sarah said about taking on the role

The film is one of my all-time favourites, so to get the opportunity to play Molly is a huge honour for me and I can’t wait to get started.

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Sarah on set for a new project

Sarah teased us all yesterday with some pictures from a photoshoot she was doing for an upcoming project.

Very excited to find out what this is for.

loving my @easilockshair by @itsdash, hair extensions that are kind to my natural hair at last. #hairgoals ❤️💁🏼😍

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Beautiful words written by Sarah

Sarah wrote a beautiful post on instagram about her support for her LGBT fans yesterday.

For my #LGBT family and so many more...I #love and #respect u all and everything the majority of you guys work so hard to represent, defend and protect, day in and day out, regardless. 😌👌🏼🤘🏻🙌🏼✌🏻️🌈
I can't begin to even tell you all how so frikkin happy and privailiged I feel to know and help raise awareness for equality and right of passage for u in every sense. 😌 
We all deserve a little piece of freedom and happiness so who are anyone to try to put a stop to that?!!!! THIER problems, NOT ours!!!!! It's so sad and unfortunate that this is still a bloody small minded and ignorant issue to the masses, in this warped and bewildered world these days😔....
Life wouldn't be the same (or half as bloody colourful and charismatic)...without ANY of us!!!! No matter how big/small/black/white/gay/straight/bi/hetro/trans/metro/colour/age/race/religion and,god help us,; money and/power projection....😕😔❤️🙄😒😑😶😶 plz...🙏🏻.....NEVER, EVER, give up the fight; no matter how big OR small!!! Please #remember that! "WE CAN ONLY LEARN TO LOVE BY LOVING!"....
😔😌🙏🏻✌🏻️😉😌❤️😘😘😘 #LoveIsLove 🙏🏻💋😘🌈✌🏻️🤘🏻✌🏻
My love and support is here always never forget that ✌🏻️🌈❤️😌
All my love and support to you all....
S xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx💋

  • sarahnicolehardingFor my #LGBT family and so many more…I #love and #respect u all and everything the majority of you guys work so hard to represent, defend and protect, day in and day out, regardless. 😌👌🏼🤘🏻🙌🏼✌🏻️🌈
    I can’t begin to even tell you all how so frikkin happy and privailiged I feel to know and help raise awareness for equality and right of passage for u in every sense. 😌
    We all deserve a little piece of freedom and happiness so who are anyone to try to put a stop to that?!!!! THEIR problems, NOT ours!!!!! It’s so sad and unfortunate that this is still a bloody small minded and ignorant issue to the masses, in this warped and bewildered world these days😔….
    Life wouldn’t be the same (or half as bloody colourful and charismatic)…without ANY of us!!!! No matter how big/small/black/white/gay/straight/bi/hetro/trans/metro/colour/age/race/religion and,god help us,; money and/power projection….😕😔❤️🙄😒😑😶😶
    … plz…🙏🏻…..NEVER, EVER, give up the fight; no matter how big OR small!!! Please #remember that! “WE CAN ONLY LEARN TO LOVE BY LOVING!”….
    😔😌🙏🏻✌🏻️😉😌❤️😘😘😘 #LoveIsLove🙏🏻💋😘🌈✌🏻️🤘🏻✌🏻
    My love and support is here always never forget that ✌🏻️🌈❤️😌
    All my love and support to you all….
    S xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx💋

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Sarah shows support for the victims of the Orlando shootings


Sarah tweeted her support for the victims of the shootings in Orlando yesterday.

We send love and prayers to everyone affected by the terrible event that took place at Pulse in Orlando. If you want to donate to the victims a Go Fund page has been set up to help them out

Being part of the LGBT community ourselves we just don’t understand how anyone can just go out and shoot people just because they fell in love with someone of the same sex, Love is love and at the end of the day does it really matter who people fall in love with, its no ones business.




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Sarah Harding interview


It’s hard to believe it’s been three years since Girls Aloud last sang a note as a five piece combo – and yet their joyous songs still play in our hearts and always will.

So imagine our excitement when GuysLikeU was invited to meet up with the fabulous Sarah Harding for a chat about this year’s Leeds Pride, at which she will be headlining on August 7.

When we meet her at the plush Hilton Metropole in London, Sarah, resplendent in a set of super long blonde hair extensions, is busy fiddling with her mobile phone, trying – and failing – to get her new LuMee attachment to switch on. ‘I can’t get it to work,’ she says, with frustration, tapping at it repeatedly. ‘Can you have a look for me,’ she asks her handsome PR guy, who is hovering around in the background.
While he dutifully starts to fiddle around with her phone, Sarah finally joins and greets us with a kiss. ‘’Ello darling, it’s good to see you again, how’s it going?’

Sarah and I, you see, go way back, back to the days when Girls Aloud were at their height and I was climbing the ranks to editor of OK! Magazine. During that time we worked together on numerous glossy shoots that saw gorgeous Sarah either lounging elegantly around her plush new London home, playing Lady Muck in the country or getting up close and personal with a handsome boyfriend in romantic Paris. Oh those were the days.

Since then, life have taken us in different directions with me eventually launching GuysLikeU and Sarah dipping her toes into the world of acting, starring in films like Run For Your Wife and TV shows like Corrie. Although it’s been years since we last saw each other, it somehow feels just like yesterday and I’m pleased to see that Sarah hasn’t changed one little bit and is still the bright eyed bundle of energy she always was.

As we settle around a meeting room table for our one-to-one, she lets slip she’s been filming an upcoming documentary which sees her revisiting some of the places she used to live, which she says has made her feel very nostalgic. She also excitedly teases us that she is on the verge of collaborating with a big star on a dance record. With all this and her headline gig at Leeds Pride in the offing, there is much for us to look forward to over the coming months.

Here, gorgeous Sarah opens up about the importance of her gay fans, girl-on-girl kisses and her most embarrassing moment ever!
So, Sarah, FACT – the gays adore you so much,why do you think they are drawn to you so much?

Because I love them. Ha! I don’t know. I think it’s because I can be a little OTT sometimes and the guys like that. I like to get dressed up for a stage performance. I like to be flamboyant and have a laugh.

Also, gays have always been drawn to women who have had their fair share of ups and downs and wear their hearts on their sleeves.

Yes I agree with that. I am not media trained, you know that. I say it as it is! Some people like it, some people don’t. You’re right, I do wear my heart on my sleeve, what you see is what you get. I think people like that. People like honesty. I’m not hiding behind a mask. You know, if it hadn’t have been for our gay fans, we wouldn’t be here, so I can’t thank them enough.

Over the years have you amassed an army of gay pals – enough to make a football team?

Probably. I didn’t know that many gay guys at school because – well, I wasn’t really at school all that much. Ha! I went to more schools than I’ve had homes, so it was more when I went to drama school and workshops that I got to meet more gay guys. That part of my life really began when I went to Manchester. I loved going to Pride there. I’ve been twice. And then me and the girls did London Pride one year where we dressed up as school girls. See, I love dressing up.

Don’t you just!

But only when I’m performing, darling.

And certainly not in the privacy of your own home, eh?

Well, maybe. Get me a good man first. Or a woman!

Oh no, so you’re single again.

Yes, I am. I’m the Peter Pan of the singletons. I don’t think I’m ever going to grow up.

Oh Sarah, you’re still young.

Er, …it

Well, you’re not in a walker, so you’re fine. Now every gay guy wants to be part of Taylor Swift’s glam squad. Do you?

Erm… They’re a bit like the Primrose Hill set, aren’t they? But she’s got the Swifty set! Ha! I don’t know if I’d want to be part of a group. I’m in a league of my own, I don’t think I’d fit into any category. I’m very mixed, you see. I have a lot of mates, some who are gay, a lot of rocky mates, who are all tattooed up. And then I have my other friends who are a little bit more WAGGY. Put them in the same room and then I’d be desperately trying to make sure they all got on. I think they would all clash. I have so many different kinds of friends. I don’t’ think they’d cat fight, they just wouldn’t get each other. I have friends from different backgrounds. I have friends from Essex who are like ‘’Ello darlin’’ and then I have my northern monkies.
Has anyone ever come out to you?

One of my fans did actually. He came out to me on Twitter, admitting he was bisexual and was looking for some advice. I didn’t really know what to say to him to be honest. He had previously told me he had a girlfriend and then he said he liked boys too. I think he’s happier now than he was before. You have to get it all off your shoulders. You are who you are, then that’s who you are and there’s nothing to be ashamed of it.

You have had your fair share of good and bad relationships over the years, have you ever thought to yourself, ‘Oh God, I’m sick of men, I might try a woman!’

Ha, definitely, every time I’ve had enough of men. But as I am quite a tomboy, I could imagine myself as a good lesbian. Ha!

Well, you’ve had a few short haircuts in your time, have you ever been mistaken for a lesbian?

Haha, yeah a lot of people did think I was. And to be honest, I did look a little bit butch at times.

Oh, I wouldn’t say that you were butch. Just feisty!

Okay, maybe not butch. I don’t know. Look, I am not gay, or bi, I’m hetero, but never say never. But I’ve kissed a woman in my time.
Oh yes? Spill!
I’m not telling you. Though me and all the girls liked a little kiss from time to time. Not like that, though. Kimberley was the friskiest when she had a few drinks in her. She’d always tried to snog us on the faces. It’s well publicised so that’s why I am saying it.

Actually talking about the gals, where the bloody hell is Nicola right now?

You know what? I never see her! She’s gone AWOL! Where is she? I have no idea where she has gone. To be honest, the girls and I have all gone off and done our own things, although Nadine and I were in touch recently. She’s back over from LA. But the rest? I haven’t seen hide nor hair of anyone for ages. But Nicola, you don’t see at all.
Well, actually, a photographer called Thomas Knight recently shot her for his new RED HOT collection.

Really? It’s weird, it feels like she’s vanished off the face of the earth!

Now looking back at the mighty Girls Aloud years, you were all cool, but pretty camp at the same time. Which of you had the campest barnet?

Oh I don’t know. All of us at some point. Probably Nicola, Kimberley and Cheryl, cos they used to love going for the big bee hives. I totally blew those out of the water though when I wore the Marie Antoinette wig for the Can’t Speak French video and on tour. I loved that hair. I remember I used to use it as a pom pom and would get into trouble with our hairdresser. She used to run around after the shows chasing me, while I was de-robing. She’d be screaming ‘give me back the wig’ and I’d scream back ‘no I’m keeping it.’ And she’d say to me ‘no, you won’t, I know what you’ll do with it when you get to the bar – you’ll end up using it as a pompom.’ She was so precious about it.
Well, it probably cost a bomb!

I remember having to leave it on the door knob of the room on the last night of our tour and I told her ‘I’ve left it on there for you.’ And she came back to me and said she hadn’t received it and that she was very disappointed in me. I remember getting so panicky and started running around the place screaming ‘has any one seen my hairpiece – it looks like a pom pom,’ And then she said, ‘Don’t worry Sarah, I do have it!’ and I was like – ‘oh you bastard!’ See we really did have some laughs.

Clearly. Now, let’s get serious and talk about Europe. Well Eurovision. We’ve done so badly over the years would you try to save it for us?

When did Eurovision become such a camp thing? It’s so big with gays, but it wasn’t always that way, was it? Back in the day, my dad used to write songs for Eurovision. When I was little, I never remembered it as being very camp and gay but now as I get older I see it more. It’s become a lot camper.

Yeah, but we need someone like you… a big star, glamour, an amazing voice.

If I got to wear my big rubber suit [from Sexy No No No] maybe I’d do it! Didn’t Kate [Price] do it in a pink rubber outfit once when she was pregnant? Oh God! I wouldn’t have done that. It wouldn’t have been easy to get into that with a baby in her tummy.
Talking of Katie Price, you were her bridesmaid back in the day. Do you like the new sophisticated Katie she’s become?
She’s great. She really has changed. But then we all have. I hadn’t seen her in ages and then I bumped into her at the LGBT Awards. It was great, as I hadn’t seen her in so long. Back in the day I used to hang out with her a lot, when she was with Peter and they had just had Junior. I remember I used to go round to see them at their place in the country and we used to make Peter audition for us as if he was in The X Factor. And he would so love getting into character and we’d be like Simon Cowell, and start yelling ‘NEXT!’ at him! And then he’d come back out again as a different character. We used to have such giggles. Katie had such a lovely house in the country back then with her horses. Then once she and Peter split, we kind of lost touch a little bit and she moved house – I guess people drift apart. I do remember seeing her again shortly afterwards in Ibiza with Gary and Phil, where she was having a bit of a breakdown – but then who doesn’t after a messy break up?

Yeah, we remember that – she was papped on her hands and knees on a beach looking like a table.

I remember that picture. She wasn’t in the best place at that time, bless her. But now she looks great and is doing so well for herself. She’s outspoken, I like that. She’s straight talking, she says it as it is. But she is very thick skinned, she can take it on the chin whereas I would probably just run off and cry. She’s not scared to say anything.

You’d be a great Loose Woman.

I’d love to do something like that, but I’d be sacred of offending people. I mean, I really don’t mind saying it as it is, but then I worry about upsetting people. And then if there was a backlash I’d get upset and think ‘oh no everyone hates me!’ I need to get a thicker skin. I really do. It’s funny, because I think people think I’m this hard faced kinda girl, but I am actually quite the opposite. People don’t see the shy and softer side of me. They just see my resting bitch face. And then they meet me and they say ‘oh you’re actually quite nice!’ I mean I can’t help having a resting bitch face – I was born with it.

Oh shush, Sarah, though you do have wonderfully evil, villainous eyes!

I’d love to be a Bond girl.

You’d be great, we can just imagine you breaking someone’s neck with your thighs.

Oh yes, baby! Hahahaha! Oh, you’re really bringing out the worst in me.
We hope so! Now, which of these Sarah moments make you blush the most? 1) That bum note on GMTV? 2) singing Mustang Sally on the Michelle Heaton wedding TV show. Or 3) That Spock haircut you had in the Call The Shots video?

Oh God! I was soooo drunk at that wedding. And Kate [Price] was screaming at me ‘Come on Sarah, get up and sing!’ So she plied me with drink and got me up to sing. And I belted out Mustang Sally because it’s a song I used to do as a kid with my dad’s band and which over the years I made my own. And now the result is I have been banned from ever singing it again. Even the girls banned me from singing it because I started over singing it, and over add-libbing it. (she bellows) ‘RIDE SALLY RIDE!’

I have to admit, it is actually one of my least favourite songs ever!

It’s so over done now, but when I was a child, growing up, it was a classic. Now it’s lost its pizazz. I remember being at Nadine’s birthday and her dad’s band were playing. So I got and joined them and it was the first time the girls had heard me sing with my rocky voice and they were like, ‘where did that voice come from?’ But I wasn’t as bad as I was at Michelle’s wedding. Oooh, I’ll kill Kate next time I see her for that. Thanks for reminding me

Three years on! Gays are still furious that Girls Aloud split – do you ever think to yourself, ‘I wish we hadn’t done that!’

I still have flashbacks. There’s a guy on Instagram who keeps posting video clips of our tours and I‘ll think ‘oh I forgot we did that song, like Black Jack or Love Is Pain.’ And I keep watching them back, loving the old clips. It reminds me how much I miss it. I still miss the touring, I miss performing. I don’t miss the rehearsals, cos I hated the dance rehearsals. It always took me longer to get my head around the routines. I used to have a faff and a meltdown, ‘I can’t do it. I much prefer the singing part to the dancing. But once it all comes together with the costumes and the lighting it always looks so great and I love watching it back. I am very nostalgic.

And finally we hear you’re going back in to the studio. We loved the track, Indelible, the B-side to your single, Threads. We actually preferred it to the A-Side

I love Indelible, but I couldn’t bring out a ballad to start with. I don’t think I can sing with out crying. It’s about a break up, it’s about heartache. It’s really tough, I can’t imagine singing it live. You can hear my voice shake in the breakdown.
We’d love to see you produce a Nothing Compares 2U style video to go with it – it’d be amazing.

Maybe I will one day. I might be doing a collab with someone too. I can t say anything just yet. I’m waiting until its been laid down. I don’t wanna jinx it. It’s a classic tune with a twist!

Sarah will headline Leeds Pride on Sunday 7 August. Go to the Leeds Pride Facebook page for more details about Sarah’s appearance and the overall weekend.

EXCLUSIVE – Sarah Harding: ‘I could imagine myself as a good lesbian!’

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Sarah Harding of Girls Aloud reveals her girl crush

Sarah Harding was always the wild one of Girls Aloud, so it’s fitting that she’s performing at one of the craziest Prides in the UK: Leeds.
Having been making headlines since she auditioned for Popstars: The Rivals in 2002, the singer-songwriter, actress and thrillseeker revealed to Gay Star News her girl crush, how she’s recovering from rupturing a ligament in her leg on The Jump, and her first experiences of Pride.
Tell me about Leeds Pride, what are you going to be doing?
Leeds Pride, I did Manchester Pride last year. I just love doing it. I love doing the Pride events personally because I can be more flamboyant that normal and put on a really cool visual show. We’ve got such a massive gay cult following, it’s nice to see there’s still that support there even as an individual. I can get up there and perform a few Girls songs and a couple of my own songs and there’s still something there. I still enjoy performing, it’s my thing, I love it.
Do you remember your first experience of Pride? What was it like?
It was London Pride. We were performing No Good Advice with the girls and we had the tambourines. There was a lot of dodgy hair going on. It was really funny. I’m happy to do anything that raises awareness to the gay community.
Is there anyone in your life who is LGBT that influences you or has had an impact?
There’s a choreographer who I knew from Girls Aloud who is probably one of my best friends. He’s always been so kind and patient to me. I just always remember him being so understanding with me when I was struggling with dance routines and he’s gone through a lot in life himself. He’s been put down a lot for certain things. But he’s not been changed as a person and he’s still a lovely human being in spite of everything he’s gone through. I really admire him for that.
Was there a moment in Girls Aloud when you had a lot of gay fans?
When we did G-A-Y it just went off. It was crazy. It was the first time we realised how big it was. I think that’s when we were doing the Blondie version of Hanging On The Telephone. The curtain came down and we were in big red phone boxes dressed as schoolgirls. I think that’s where our campness and our loving for getting dressed up for these performances really came from, and we just decided to embrace it.
I don’t ever want to assume, considering the website I write for, and I know you’ve been in relationships with guys. But I should ask, how would you define your sexual orientation?
I’ve never been asked that before! I’m straight. I’m straight, but I’m very open-minded.
Open-minded in what way?
I can definitely appreciate the female form, definitely. Obviously I’m straight, I know I’m straight because I have a boyfriend, but there have definitely been times when I’ve said I’ve had enough of men!
Haven’t we all!
Yeah, and women know what women want!
Have you had a girl crush or have one at the moment?
Probably a little bit on Gaga because she’s an all rounder. She’s very androgynous at times and I love that. I’d like to think that there were times when I would dress up as quite androgynously. Even in St Trinians, I loved dressing up as a boy.
That was hot. I know plenty of lesbians who loved you for that.
[Girls Aloud] did a photoshoot where we all dressed as guys. We sat on scaffolding with dungarees on and it was fun. I’m quite a tomboy and even though I’ve got blonde hair and wear dresses, I’d like to think I can pull off being androgynous.
How are you feeling after your injury on The Jump?
Oh my god…I’ve literally taking a break off physio, I’m so bored of it. I’m actually on the last leg now. Not literally! I’m at the last hurdle, I’ve got about four more weeks, and I’m just going to take a week off and have a little holiday. I’m going to take a break and finish my physio which is just once a week and I’m walking normally now. I still get sore legs but that’s just muscle memory and it’ll come back. It’s such a frustrating injury to have and I need to ice my leg about four times a day. Physio is so boring. You just have to retrain your leg and the muscles. It’s quite tiring. I’ve got a hot Aussie instructor though.
That helps! Do you think the show should be off the air?
It’s not for me to say whether it should or shouldn’t be off the air. I don’t want to get myself into any hot water. It’s a dangerous sport and we all knew what we were getting ourselves into. But I’m adrenaline junkie, I did stuff like Tumble, so, I like anything with a little bit of danger attached.
If another show approached you, say around extreme water sports, would you try that out as well?
Probably, knowing me. I love diving. Honestly, I’m such a sports freak. I’m a cross between Scary Spice and Sporty Spice. That would be me, I was a mixture. I’m the lairy, scary, but sporty one.
Do you have a message to LGBT fans?
Thank you so very much for all the ongoing support throughout the years. Right up to today, as an individual and supporting my individual projects. If it wasn’t for [LGBT fans], we wouldn’t be here. I can’t thank them enough.

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Girls Aloud: the surprising stories behind 8 of their biggest hits

With an astonishing 20 consecutive top ten hits, 4.3 million singles sold and 4 million albums, Girls Aloud are the biggest-selling girl group of the 21st century.

But what are the stories behind the band’s biggest hits? Who was offered their breakout hit ‘Sound of the Underground’ first? Which Girls Aloud single gave Cheryl Cole “goosebumps” and which hit nearly didn’t make the album? We’ve delved deep into the group’s history to find out some surprising facts…


Following their formation on Popstars: The Rivals, the girls were pitted against fellow contestants One True Voice for the 2002 Christmas No. 1 spot. From those first whirring guitars and the faux drum-and-bass beats, it was clear which song would nab the crown: it catapulted Girls Aloud from reality-show winners to a fully fledged pop entity.
What you may not know about the song is that the track had, in fact, already been recorded by short-lived London-based girl group Orchid, whose vocals are allegedly still present in parts of the chorus. And according to Cheryl Cole: Her Story, an unauthorised biography of the Geordie singer, Samantha Mumba turned down the opportunity to record the song, too.
Her loss, as ‘Sound Of The Underground’ spent four weeks at the top of the charts, selling over a half a million copies in the process.


Released as the follow-up to ‘Sound of the Underground’, ‘No Good Advice’ continued down the trajectory of scuzzy guitars, pop production and spunky vocals that would pepper the band’s discography throughout their career. However, this wasn’t always the case. In fact, originally the song was set over a rave backing track and mutated after some tweaks from the Xenomania musicians.
The track originated in the late ’90s, when Xenomania’s Brian Higgins and Miranda Cooper, under the moniker Moonbaby, were signed to London Records, the home of All Saints. However, shortly after being signed, things went pair shaped, and the label went bankrupt. The song’s lyrics deal with the strained relationship between the duo and the defunct record label, which, strangely, would later mirror Girls Aloud’s own relationship with their then manager, Louis Walsh.
However, Cooper and Higgins aren’t the only writers to feature on ‘No Good Advice’. In fact, Lene Nystrøm, from the Danish-Norwegian group Aqua, also has a co-write on the track.


The Oasis-like track nearly didn’t make the group’s debut album. Producer and writer Brian Higgins claimed that he didn’t think that the band could master such an emotive song, but changed his mind once he heard their version, claiming: “They really nailed the melancholic aspect of it, and it sounded beautiful.” The song was one of the final few added to the group’s debut album and, according to Nicola Roberts, was the group’s favourite song on the collection.


Released as the second song from Girls Aloud’s sophomore album What Will The Neighbours Say, ‘Love Machine’ is perhaps one of the group’s most distinctive and memorable songs, and even got indie thumbs up from then-newcomers, Arctic Monkeys.
According to the liner notes of the mighty Girls Aloud Singles Box Set, ‘Love Machine’ was written via a method Xenomania have of writing songs where they would sing nonsense lyrics over a backtrack and see what became of it. The Smiths supposedly inspired the backing track.
In Girls Aloud’s autobiography, Dreams That Glitter: Our Story, Nicola Roberts recalls how the song was recorded in 18(!) parts over three days, and how there was debate around releasing the now iconic song as a single (Sarah Harding wanted ‘Deadlines & Diets’, apparently).
In an interview with trendy fashion magazine Ponystep, Brian Higgins claimed that Girls Aloud’s label requested that Xenomania write and produce all of Girls Aloud’s second album, otherwise they weren’t “going to do this group any more”.


Without doubt, ‘Biology’ is the song that woke the rest of the world up to the power of Girls Aloud. In fact, The Guardian called the track “the best pop song of the last decade”, while notoriously indie US music site Pitchfork placed the song at 245 on the ‘Top 500 Tracks of the 2000s’, despite the band never truly achieving success in the United States.
Speaking of the song’s conception, Miranda Cooper said: “‘Biology’ was just that little piano hook at the beginning, but I remember it probably took two years to work out how to come out of that intro, what it would go into.” Similarly, the song’s line about “Wicked games”, was actually inspired by a discarded cover of Chris Isaak’s iconic melancholic song ‘Wicked Game’, which Girls Aloud had recorded. It also takes nearly two minutes for the song to reach its chorus.
In 2006 Brian Higgins claimed that ‘Biology’ was his favourite Xenomania track. Speaking to trade publication MusicWeek, he said: “I heard the intro and I knew that was a hit, although it was only five seconds.”

6. ‘SEXY! NO NO NO…’

Ever wondered why ‘Sexy! No No No…’ sounds like three songs mashed together? Well, that’s because it is. However, according to Brian Higgins, “‘Sexy! No, No, No’ sounded ridiculously challenging because we thought that radio wasn’t going to play them anyway. It was like two fingers up to everybody. You’re not going to play them on the radio, anyway, so we’ll give you something that you couldn’t play.”


In a list compiled by Billboard, Girls Aloud’s ‘Call the Shots’ was named the most underrated song by a girl group. Despite this, the song still managed to peak at number three in the UK. Originally intended as the lead single from the group’s first greatest hits collection The Sound of Girls Aloud, it was deemed too “downbeat” and was eventually released as the second single from Tangled Up, the band’s fourth album.
Speaking to The Guardian, songwriter Miranda Cooper stated that ‘Call the Shots’ was inspired by an article named after Miranda Hobbes from Sex and the City, which investigated how women were earning more than men.
The track was begun during a sojourn Xenomania took in Paris while Girls Aloud were off filming their fly-on-the-wall TV show The Passions of Girls Aloud, but took nearly two years to finish.


Released in the latter half of 2008, ‘The Promise’ was only the second Girls Aloud lead single to debut at number one. Somewhat helped by Cheryl’s stint as a judge on The X Factor, the song was a sonic departure for the group, and won them their first BRIT award.
The instrumental for the track was co-written by two Australian writers from camp Xenomania, Jason Resch and Kieran Jones. Speaking of the writing process, Cooper said: “Brian was so sure it was going to be a huge hit that we literally planned the day that we would be writing this ‘number one’. I think that was obviously when we’d had a lot of success and we were very confident.”
The song was written in seven minutes on a sunny Thursday, but the day before the song was due to be submitted to the label they re-recorded the entire backing track. Cutting it pretty fine…

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Sarah helps cheer on at Rave and Ride

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Sarah helped cheer on the guys taking part in Rave and Ride this weekend, which saw them doing an indoor studio bike challenge to raise money for Mnda Motor Neuron disease association.

They managed to succeed in getting 2 new world records and managed to raise loads of money for MNDA