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Sarah out 28th Feb 08

Harding Trying To Shake Party Image..

Earlier in the month we revealed Sarah Harding had turned to charity in a desperate bid to rid herself of the cainer image and it turns out she didn’t stop there!
We hear through the gossip grapevine that the Girls Aloud singer has now been undergoing laser treatment to remove a small tattoo she’s had on her back for years as she thinks it gives off the wrong impression. Many people have begun to speculate that the image overhaul is all part of a larger plan by Sarah to cultivate a new sophisticated image ahead of launching a solo career when the band splits.
In all honesty we don’t really think any of the girls will have successful solo careers, do you? Together they are dynamite but solo? Not so much. Our advice to Sarah would be rather than staying in and being boring she should be doing the exact opposite and enjoying it while it lasts, which is precisely what she did last night at the Samsung party in London…

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Sarah at the Samsung Cystic Fibrosis charity event

Sarah arrives at the Samsung Gala Dinner in Aid of Cystic Florosis Trust at Bluebird Restaurant on February 26, 2008 in London England.
All pics are credit to Hayley GAM.
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