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Our Bit In Sarah’s Book

We were asked to add something to Sarah’s new book Hear Me Out, here is whar we added. This was an absolutely MASSIVE honour to do and something we are so grateful for. Sarah we love you more than words can say.

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Hear Me Out – Times

Hear Me Out is Number 3 in The Times bestseller list, selling 8,935 copies

The Sunday Times Bestseller List is the oldest and most influential book sales chary in the UK, and the one that every author wants to be on

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Updates From Sarah

Sarah has posted a few updates recently

18th March 2021

I can’t thank everyone enough for all the kind and loving messages that I’ve received since the weekend. It means so much to me and to my mum. Today’s a special day because it’s publication day for Hear Me Out. At last. I actually can’t believe I’ve done it!
What started out a dream idea last summer is now a reality. I hope you enjoy reading my story. The picture on the front of the book was taken by the amazing Ruth Rose a few years ago.
I thought I’d share this little behind the scenes shot here. It’s a lot more sophisticated than some of the older pics in the book, haha! Can’t wait for you all to see them. Sending lots of love as always, S x

25th March 2021

Hi everyone – hope you’re well. It’s been lovely to hear that you guys have been enjoying Hear Me Out, both the book & the song! I can’t believe you nutters got the song not only into the charts, but to NUMBER 1! I love you all so much, you’re the best people in the world
So, while I was searching through my laptop for old photos to include in the book I actually came across a song I’d recorded about ten years ago. I’ve always really loved it, and it made me feel a bit sad that no one ever got to hear it.
I mentioned this to my team and they said we could release it, and I thought ‘why the hell
not?’ It’s called Wear It Like A Crown and it’s out on iTunes and streaming… FROM TODAY RIGHT HERE:
I’ve literally no idea how this all works anymore, but on the off chance it generates any profit, I’ll give it all to the Christie NHS Foundation where I’m receiving my treatment.
If you’ve read my book you’ll know just how amazing the Doctors, Nurses and all the staff at The Christie are. They are actual angels.
I hope you all like Wear It Like a Crown, give it a listen and let me know what you think.
Lots of love, S x

26th March 2021

OMG. I can’t believe it. Number one on iTunes. I’m a bit overwhelmed, but so so happy. Thank you thank you

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Wear It Like A Crown

Sarah Harding is releasing a new single on the 25th March 2021 called Wear It Like A Crown

Sarah was going through her archives while writing her book Hear Me Out and came across the song Wear It Like A Crown which she had recorded a decade earlier.  She had always loved the song and asked her team if there was any way to release it for fun.  Any profit from the single release will go to The Christie NHS Foundation who have taken such brilliant care of Sarah and many others.

More information about The Christie can be found Here

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Hear Me Out Campaign

Following the devastating news about Sarah over the weekend. The fans thought it’d be a nice idea if we tried to get the Hear Me Out track into the iTunes chart on the day Sarah’s autobiography Hear Me Out is released.
We’re proposing that at 10am on the 18th March people download Hear Me Out from What Will The Neighbours Say album, it’s 99p to download.
We just thought even if we only get it into the iTunes Charts for a few hours it might make Sarah smile briefly.

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Hear Me Out Extracts

Extracts from Sarah’s forthcoming book Hear Me Out released 18th March have appeared in The Times paper today, it’s a heartbreaking read
Credit to Gallery Aloud for these scans