Living With Lucy
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Living With Lucy

Back in September Sarah was filing with Lucy Kennedy for her TV show Living With Lucy.

Sarah episodes airs 14th November 2017, sadly its shown in Ireland on TV3, we will see if you can watch it online though and let you guys know, Irish tv is tricvky some shows you can watch online in the UK and others you can’t.

Lucy Kennedy meets Girls Aloud singer Sarah Harding and, in between filming and photoshoots, the pair chat about the difficulty of finding love and pursuing happiness

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Sarah Is Back In The Studio

Sarah is back in the studio recording new music, we are very excited at the thought that we might finally be getting some more solo musici from Sarah.

Sarah has also posted a few pictures of her in the studio, check them out on our gallery, click on the pic below

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Sarah Hands Over Cheque To Coming Home

When Sarah won Celebrity Big Brother she also won £50,000 to donate to her chosen charity, Sarah picked Coming Home/Haig Housing and on the 22nd September she went to hand over the cheque to them.

The picture above is credit to Michael Swain on twitter, if you want to follow him you can

Taken from the Haig Housing Facebook

Sarah said: “I have been an ambassador for Haig Housing Trust for many years and in that time I have visited wounded soldiers in hospital recuperating from horrific injuries. I have also met many young soldiers who have recovered from these wounds and then started the search for a house and home. The Haig Housing Trust assists these heroes who gave so much to their country and it is my honour to raise the profile of this charity’s amazing work and add to their fundraising.

“I am so happy to donate this money to Haig and I’d like to thank Endemol for offering such a large sum of money which will benefit so many servicemen and women looking for accommodation.”

Haig Housing CEO James Richardson said: “We are delighted that Sarah chose Haig as her charity of choice and went on to win the programme. The £50,000 is a significant sum that will enable us to continue purchasing and adapting properties for veterans with life changing injuries. Sarah has been a supporter of Haig Housing Trust for a long time and is unwavering in her genuine support and empathy for our beneficiaries”


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Sarah’s Birthday Charity Fundraiser

Its that time of year again when we start Sarah’s birthday charity fundraiser, this is the 5th year we’ve done this and we’ve always had an overwhelming response from the fans who have donated to these great charities.

To donate here’s the link you need 

We’ve been in touch with Sarah and she wants us to raise money for Haig Housing/Coming Home again this time, we thought she’d pick this charity as she when she won Celebrity Big Brother she also won £50,000 for charity and Sarah’s chosen charity was Haig Housing.

Haig Housing Trust is delighted to announce that one of our Ambassadors, Sarah Harding, has won Channel 5’s Celebrity Big Brother 2017. Sarah has named Haig Housing Trust as her nominated charity to receive the winners prize of £50,000. Sarah showed enormous strength and courage, earning many public votes and admiration and we are extremely proud of her.

The £50,000 will be put to much needed use in providing housing for our Veterans, as well as improving the lives of current beneficiaries, where every penny makes a difference.


As some of you will know Sarah has worked very closely with Coming Home over the years and is a charity that she is a proud ambassador for.

If you want to check out the amazing work that Haig Housing/Coming Home do check out their website 

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Sarah Helps Out At BGC Charity Day

Sarah was today helping out with BGC charity day, commemorating those we lost on 9/11 by providing global revenues on the day for hundreds of charities.

To find out more check out their website

Sarah was raising money for The Brainwave Centre who support children with physical and/or cognitive disabilities like cerebral palsy, Down’s syndrome.

If you want to find out more about The Brainwave centre here’s the website


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Rylan Defends Sarah

Celebrity Big Brother’ presenter Rylan Clark-Neal has stuck up for Sarah Harding, following her controversial win in this summer’s live final.

The ‘Bit On The Side’ host jumped to the defence of Sarah, when HuffPost UK caught up with him on the red carpet at the TV Choice Awards.

Asked whether he thought Sarah was a worthy winner, despite her polarising behaviour during her time in the house, he told us: “I’m always the first one to sit there as the host of the show and say, if someone’s given us content, if someone’s given me something to talk about every single night, I think that’s a deserved winner.

“I’d rather see someone win the show, whether they’re liked or not liked, hated or loved, who gave content every single night and Sarah did that. And I say well deserved to her.”
We also asked him what he thought of Sam Thompson and Trisha Paytas’s suggestions that Sarah had received special treatment in the house, to which he explained: “To be perfectly honest, celebs when they go in the house, it’s a different story. So celebs have their contracts that [we] need to adhere to, and stuff like that, but Sarah had no different treatment [from producers] to the rest of the celebs in the house.

“Yes, people said ‘she got special treatment’, ‘she got this’, ‘she got that’, but at the end of the day, Sarah was a housemate, and to become a housemate, you’ve got to adhere to Big Brother’s rules.
“She really, really put herself into the mix and, for someone from [as much fame as] Girls Aloud, she did a great job… and she’s a well-deserved winner.”

Rylan then confessed to having had to talk Sarah into entering the house at all, admitting she had a “wobble” shortly before launch night.

He said: “I’m a good friend of hers outside of the show… I actually spoke to Sarah before she went in, and she had a bit of a ‘wobble’… and I said, ‘Sarah if you don’t wanna do it, don’t do it. No one’s forcing you. But at the end of the day, this is an opportunity that doesn’t come around every single year, and it doesn’t come along every single month’.

“She said, ‘why should I do it?’ and I said, ‘to show the public who you really are’, and she showed the public the good side, the bad side and the vulnerable side. And that’s why I love Sarah, because she’s a really genuine girl.”

Rylan added: “I’m so glad she did [the show], because she’s a really lovely girl and she showed the public who she was, which is a normal girl.

“She has her ups, she has her downs, but at the end of the day, she showed herself, and she showed who she really was. I’m so glad she won because it genuinely means the world to her, and that’s the biggest thing.

“The Sarah I know, makes mistakes, doesn’t know where she is, doesn’t really know what’s going on, but at the end of the day, she pulls it back together.”