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Night Sky Nightwear range from Primark

The PJs and nightshirt are on Primarks website, you can’t order online but you can check the stock in your local Primark

These PJs are a stargazers dream! Made from comfy cotton, this long sleeve pyjama set features a button through shirt and wide-leg trousers with an elasticated waistband and drawstring ties. We love the all-over starry night print and the baby pink piping, as well as the thoughtful quote featured on the back, stating that ‘the darkest nights produce the brightest stars’, which we think finishes them off beautifully. They’re a wintery night essential we wouldn’t be without. Time to relax in ultimate comfort.

This product is part of an exclusive two-piece pyjama range, available in the UK and Ireland. Dedicated to the memory of Sarah Harding, 50% of the sales from these products will go to the charities, Cancer Research UK and The Christie Charitable Fund. Proceeds will raise awareness, and fund research and support services for those affected by cancer.

Material: Cotton 100%
Colour: Navy

Night Sky Pyjama Set

Comes in XS, S, M and L

Check stock levels HERE

Night Sky Nightshirt

Comes in XS, S, M, L, XL and XXL

Check stock levels HERE

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Girls Aloud Primark

Cheryl said: “Before Sarah passed away, we promised her we would fulfil her wish of raising money for vital research to help determine young women between the ages of 29 and 40 who could be at risk of breast cancer with no genetic history. This campaign with Primark will raise a significant amount of money to help us achieve our promise to her.”

Kimberley added: “It feels really emotional the four of us coming together to honour Sarah’s fundraising wishes. We really hope we can do her proud and raise as much money as possible. As well as raising funds, Cheryl, Nadine, Nicola and myself will continue to do everything we can to help raise awareness and encourage people to have regular check-ups.”

Nadine said: “We’re grateful to Primark for this opportunity and for all the money they will be donating in Sarah’s name. Sarah would have loved this nightwear range so much and we hope the Girls Aloud fans will too. We miss Sarah every day and we’ve come together to support this crucial cause because it will always be something close to all of our hearts.”

Lastly, Nicola expressed: “The overwhelming donation from Primark has meant we are well on our way to achieving our promise to Sarah. We feel a sense of responsibility to honour her wish to raise money that could prevent other women finding themselves in the terrifying situation she was in. To take on this baton is nothing short of a privilege. We really hope everyone loves the nightwear collection and will join us in raising as much money as possible.”

Sizes range from XS to XL and retail between £14 to £18, which is a bargain! So head down to your nearest UK and Republic of Ireland Primark stores from Sunday, 1 October, and grab yourself a new set of pyjamas for the long winter months ahead while also spending your hard-earned cash on a good cause.

50% of proceeds from the Primark collaboration will go to supporting Cancer Research UK and The Christie Charitable Fund for Sarah Harding. A minimum commitment of £500,000 will be given in equal portions to these charities to support funding Dr Sacha Howell’s vital research project at Sarah’s request.

Dr Sacha Howell, Sarah’s doctor, said: “Sarah spoke to me many times about breast cancer research and was keen for more to be done to find out why some young women are diagnosed when they have no other family members affected by the disease. We want to find out why young women in their 30s like Sarah might develop breast cancer so we can more accurately identify people with a higher risk and improve their chances of survival.”

That’s not all, as Primark will also donate £100,000 to Breast Cancer Now in the UK as part of the broader Breast Cancer Awareness campaign. At the same time, in Ireland, the budget high street retailer will support The Irish Cancer Society, with 50% of sales of the Girls Aloud nightwear being donated and a €50,000 donation to The Irish Cancer Society to help fund cancer awareness, services, and research.

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Cheryl Cole: The late-night text that proved it was over with Ashley

Cheryl Cole contacts her Girls Aloud mates to tell them: ‘I’ve finally done it’

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

She’s taken weeks to decide whether or not to give her marriage to Ashley another go.

So when Cheryl Cole‘s Girls Aloud bandmates received a midnight text from her last week, they thought nothing of it – until, that is, they read the words: ‘I’ve finally done it – I’ve filed for divorce.’

Even though it was the news they’ve been desperate to hear, the girls were left in a state of shock as they continued to read: ‘I’m OK, though, so please don’t worry about me. I just wanted to say thanks so much for standing by me.’

Cheryl, 26, filed for divorce last week, citing ‘unreasonable behaviour’ as the reason for their split.

And in a bid to take time out to clear her head, she’s told those close to her that she’ll be changing her mobile phone number to avoid being bombarded with pleas for a reconciliation by Ashley.

A source tells Now: ‘Cheryl‘s been weighing things up for ages. She still has feelings for Ashley but she feels strong enough to start again on her own now.

‘If she could’ve waited until after the World Cup she would’ve, but she felt under pressure to sort things out as soon as possible.

‘The reason she texted the girls is she thought they deserved to know before the story broke. After all, they’ve been there for her through thick and thin.’

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Cheryl fur y at Nadine in Girls Aloud band battle

Cheryl Cole is at war with fellow Girls Aloud singer Nadine Coyle – and she’s backed by her other three bandmates.

The Geordie beauty insists Nadine has failed to support her following her split from cheating husband Ashley.

And “wor lass” Cheryl scoffed at Nadine’s claim that she tried to get in touch with the X Factor judge when both were in Los Angeles earlier this month.

Cheryl, 26, is supported by bandmates Kimberly Walsh, 28, Nicola Roberts, 24, and Sarah Harding, 28.

 And they are convinced that the Irishborn Nadine’s behaviour is the latest example of her lack of commitment to the band.

 But Nadine is busy on a solo album in Los Angeles and sources say she could be considering a future apart from the band.

 The four girls have accused Nadine, 25, of breaking one of the band’s unwritten rules by giving an interview last weekend in which she discussed Cheryl in public.

 Nadine claimed she DID call Cheryl and emailed her after England and Chelsea defender Ashley Cole’s lovecheating antics were revealed. A source close to Girls Aloud said: “Cheryl feels completely betrayed by Nadine. She is hurt that she didn’t hear from her after Ashley’s cheating but feels even more upset and angry that Nadine came out in public to insist that she had tried to get in touch with her.

 “The rest of the band are even more disgusted with Nadine’s behaviour and are fully behind Cheryl.

 Pretended “They have been together for seven years and have got a pact that they support one another through the tough times.

 “The support and help Cheryl has had from the other girls has been tremendous but Nadine hasn’t bothered.

 “Not only has she not bothered but she has pretended to the band’s fans that she has been a great friend and has been the one who has been shunned but that is complete rubbish.

 “Cheryl’s world was shattered when she found out Ashley had been cheating on her again and she quite rightly expected her friends to be there for her. Most of the band were, except Nadine.”

 Despite Nadine breaking the most important unwritten rule between the girls, it is not serious enough to drop her.

 Last week Nadine insisted she offered Cheryl a shoulder to cry on when she flew out to Los Angeles just days after learning Ashley, 29, had cheated on her several times.

 Nadine said: “I sent Cheryl an email and called her. I was like ‘Hi.’ And she said ‘I’m in LA’. I was working on my album and dashing around. She was working and doing her thing. She wasn’t here for very long so we didn’t get the chance to meet up.”

 Nadine also claimed she has tried to meet up with Sarah Harding, 28, but like her claims about Cheryl, that has been denied by the band.

 The source added: “Nadine has separated herself from the other girls.

 “She decided she wanted to make something of herself in America and due to this some questioned her commitment to the band.

 “While she was away the other girls would never hear from her, which upset them as they have been through so much over the years.

 Upset “But now she has started speaking out, they’ve had it with her.

 “They have realised that they will have to continue to work with Nadine but at the moment they are not sure quite how they are going to do it.”

 Last night sources close to Nadine said she is still adamant she had tried to support her bandmate.

 One said: “Nadine and Cheryl have been friends for years. She insists that she did make contact. Maybe it’s a case of a misunderstanding, messages didn’t get through or something like that.”

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Nadine Not Aloud

GIRLS ALOUD have discussed becoming a four-piece and recording a new album this year WITHOUT bandmate NADINE COYLE. A source close to the band confirmed the bombshell news and said: “They’re tired of her mucking them around.” Bandmates CHERYL COLE, SARAH HARDING, NICOLA ROBERTS and KIMBERLEY WALSH had been planning to go into the studio with Nadine in November to record their new songs.

But last week in an eXSclusive interview Nadine, who now lives in Los Angeles, told me she would definitely NOT work on Girls Aloud material this year.

The Irish star added there had been no discussions between her and the band’s management about any specific plans for the future.

That was news to her bandmates who reacted angrily because they remain committed to the band and are still expecting to enter the studio this year.

My insider explained: “The girls always had the end of 2010 booked in to record their next album and all of them, other than Nadine, still want to go ahead.

If Nadine refuses they could simply go ahead as the four of them. It’s not ideal and they would rather find a way to make it work – but she doesn’t seem interested in that.

“Nadine hasn’t been in any contact with the girls. But the other four are still best of friends and have been rallying around Cheryl during this tough time.

“That’s very telling and it could be a sign of things to come. The band could survive without her.

“Some fans might be disappointed but they’d rather Girls Aloud continue with four members than not go on at all.”

When the girls announced they were taking a break last year, they stressed they would release a new album in 2010 after signing an extra three-album deal with their record company Fascination/Polydor.

A statement from the band said: “We will definitely all be going into the studio next year to record – and there will definitely be a new GA album in 2010.”

But those plans are currently in chaos as Nadine focuses on launching her solo career.

The source said: “Nadine is essentially mucking the other girls around.

“They are ready and waiting. But it’s become clear to us her heart doesn’t seem to be in the band.”