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Sarah Birthday Charity Fundraiser

As you all know we were raising money for Coming Home for Sarah’s birthday this year, the fanbase managed to raise £400 this year. Sarah has seen and has tweeted about it

Over the past 5 years the fanbase have raised £3407.50 for various charities for Sarah’s birthday

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Sarah Hands Over Cheque To Coming Home

When Sarah won Celebrity Big Brother she also won £50,000 to donate to her chosen charity, Sarah picked Coming Home/Haig Housing and on the 22nd September she went to hand over the cheque to them.

The picture above is credit to Michael Swain on twitter, if you want to follow him you can

Taken from the Haig Housing Facebook

Sarah said: “I have been an ambassador for Haig Housing Trust for many years and in that time I have visited wounded soldiers in hospital recuperating from horrific injuries. I have also met many young soldiers who have recovered from these wounds and then started the search for a house and home. The Haig Housing Trust assists these heroes who gave so much to their country and it is my honour to raise the profile of this charity’s amazing work and add to their fundraising.

“I am so happy to donate this money to Haig and I’d like to thank Endemol for offering such a large sum of money which will benefit so many servicemen and women looking for accommodation.”

Haig Housing CEO James Richardson said: “We are delighted that Sarah chose Haig as her charity of choice and went on to win the programme. The £50,000 is a significant sum that will enable us to continue purchasing and adapting properties for veterans with life changing injuries. Sarah has been a supporter of Haig Housing Trust for a long time and is unwavering in her genuine support and empathy for our beneficiaries”


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Sarah’s Birthday Charity Fundraiser

Its that time of year again when we start Sarah’s birthday charity fundraiser, this is the 5th year we’ve done this and we’ve always had an overwhelming response from the fans who have donated to these great charities.

To donate here’s the link you need 

We’ve been in touch with Sarah and she wants us to raise money for Haig Housing/Coming Home again this time, we thought she’d pick this charity as she when she won Celebrity Big Brother she also won £50,000 for charity and Sarah’s chosen charity was Haig Housing.

Haig Housing Trust is delighted to announce that one of our Ambassadors, Sarah Harding, has won Channel 5’s Celebrity Big Brother 2017. Sarah has named Haig Housing Trust as her nominated charity to receive the winners prize of £50,000. Sarah showed enormous strength and courage, earning many public votes and admiration and we are extremely proud of her.

The £50,000 will be put to much needed use in providing housing for our Veterans, as well as improving the lives of current beneficiaries, where every penny makes a difference.


As some of you will know Sarah has worked very closely with Coming Home over the years and is a charity that she is a proud ambassador for.

If you want to check out the amazing work that Haig Housing/Coming Home do check out their website 

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Sarah Harding – Haig Housing

The winner of Celebrity Big Brother this year wins £50,000 to donate to a charity of their choice, Sarah will be donating to Haig Housing if she wins.

Check out their website to see more of what they do.

Sarah has done a lot of promo for Haig Housing over the years and she is a proud Ambassador for them.

The above picture was a press conference Sarah attended.

Sarah also spoke in The House Of Commons on behalf of Coming Home/Haig Housing

The above pictures were from when Sarah helped to launch their lottery.

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Sarah Birthday charity fundraising

CUFuBmeXIAATA7t.jpg large

Over the past 3 years we’ve run a charity fundraiser for Sarah’s birthday.

In 2013 we were raising money for Coming Home and raised £735.00

In 2014 we were raising again for Coming Home and raised £800.00

This year we were raising money for Luna’s Little Stars and raised £1135.00

Thats an amazing total of £2670.00 raised for charity by the Sarah fanbase in 3 years.

All the money raised has been greatly appreciated by the charities.

We want to say a massive thank you to everyone who has donated at any point and an even bigger thank you to those who donate each year without fail. You are all AMAZING and very kind hearted.

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Birthday fundraising

As you all know we’ve been raising money for Coming Home for the past few weeks to celebrate the gorgeous Sarah Harding’s birthday.

We are very pleased to announce that we have raised £800 this year, beating last years total by £65.00

A massive thank you to everyone who donated and to the people who took the time to RT our tweets about it.

Sarah people also left you birthday message you can read them here

 Happy Birthday Sarah from the fans

@SarahAddicts @ClaireLHill_x @NatashaJYoung_x £98.78 (via 8 donations)
@kimmiusher08 £35.00 (via 2 donations)
Dave Hales £24.00
@danniishelleyxx £20.00 (via anonymous text, via 6 donations)
@McElderry_Aloud £5.00
@Dan_lille £15.00
@BrilliantlyEvil £10.00
@USA_Cheryl_Fan £15.00
Anonymous text £1.00
@KatieEmmaGA £5.00
@mardyblade £3.00
Anonymous text donation £1.00
@lexpezza £10.00
@slightly2wasted £10.00
@cynthiamx £30.00 (via 2 donations)
@chazmundus £15.75
@dreamsaloud £10.00
@aloudfromjapan £10.00
@dendantas £7.77
@mrssarahcheryl £10.00 (2 donations)
@msmegan91 £5.00
@alexleighaloud £11.00 (via 3 donations)
Anonymous £20.00
@lydiaAloud £4.00
@theonewithelly £10.00 (via 2 donations)
@tonijayelewis £5.00
@jessaldersonx £15.00
@samanthaaaaaxx £40.00 (via 2 donation)
@missljayx £5.00
@kayleighlovesGA £3.00
@dominiqtrix £4.67
@naynaybree £4.67
@cherarahfankez £5.00
@Tebone01 £40.00
@shaikhaAS £16.92
@christine616 £6.22
@shannatofficial £5.00
@mattiestar26 £2.92
@chezzaslemon £5.00
@kayleighcherylx £7.00
@ellenmay242 £5.00
@tweedy_holden £12.17
@hayleycheradine £2.00
@197soldier4life £4.35
@rach_staunton £15.75
@AloudCCSoldier £5.98
@cherylsarmyga £2.00
@charldechez £5.00
@libssburgg_xoxo £1.00
@olliealoud £3.00
@lucylbax £3.00
@push10soldier £10.00
Anonymous £3.00
@p0ppy_sxldier £2.00
@saratweedyGA £3.00
@chezzassoldier £1.00
@abbidaiz £5.00
@jessicacherylx £2.50
@gemmamary_x £5.00
Joe £10.00
@lovelylisaj £5.00
@connie_aloudx £3.00
@chlogax £3.00
@sophkatewright £30.00
@@BrookeOConnorxo £5.00
@mollieee_ox £5.00
@skycc_ga £3.00
@annaxaloud £4.00
@lauraxheryl £1.57
@hollypeelo £5.00
@niccheryl__x £7.50
@niamhhuntx £5.00
@charaloud £10.00
@nicolafanpage £5.00
@soldiersaloud £5.00
@hanaloud £3.00
@brenda_co £5.00
@miranda_villa96 £7.88
@kristiefenwick £5.00
@hollyxgaxcher £5.00
@kaaaaatie_x £3.00
Mathew Henry £5.00
anonymous text £1.00
@DinaaaaDee_GA £4.00
@luvcherylfv12 £3.73
@Three_words_Ox £7.87 (800.00)


So pleased that we beat last years total <3 Hope you have a wonderful Birthday Sarah. xxxxxxxxx


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Sarah Harding Birthday 2014


As we all know its Sarah’s birthday next month and we thought it’d be nice if we could all donate to Coming Home again for her birthday this year. Sarah really appreciated all the money raised last year so come on people lets see if we can beat the £735.00 that we managed to raise last year.

Or you can text donate by texting SNHN81 to 70070 followed by the amount you wish to donate either £1 £3 £5 or £10

Thank you to everyone who donates, every penny will be much appreciated by Coming Home.

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Sarahs tweets 21st Nov

Sarah has tweeted about the birthday donations to Coming Home tonight. From her tweets we get the idea that she loves it. She even went as far as tweeting everyone who had donated that we post via twitlonger to her. We’re not going to post all her tweets thanking people but she thanked everyone on the list.


…u all mean so much to me. Also, many many thanks to those who donated to and for for organising! lots of love


Ok, so just saw the donations list!…wow u guys r amazing!!! direct kisses n name check time!! here goes! Thanks so bloody much again :*…


£5.00 £75.12 (6 Donations) £40.00 (2 Donations) £5.00 (Via text anonymous)




We’ll be doing this again for Sarah’s birthday or next year so hope you’ll all donate again. Sarah has shown tonight just how much this means to her and how much it means to her.

Once again we’d like to take this chance to say thank you to everyone that donated, its really much appreciated. Since Sarah has been tweeting about this another £71.00 has been donated taking the total to £671.30

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Thank you guys


Just want to say a huge THANK YOU to each and everyone of you guys that donated to Coming Home for Sarah’s birthday. Its really very very very much appreciated.

Here’s a list of everyone that donated. and their twitter names if known.

@LauraParry92  £5.00
@SarahAddicts  £75.12 (6 Donations)
@PayasYouUpdate  £40.00 (2 Donations)
@KATYSKITTEN08  £5.00 (Via text anonymous)
@tebone01  £26.00 ( 5 Donations )
Erika £10.00
@samanthaaaaaxx £4.00
@ShaikhaAS £50.00
@AloudSoldier (anonymous text £3.00)
@SophKateWright £10.00
@KatieEmmaGA £5.00
@Cynthiamx £30.00 (2 Donations)
@insatiablekylie £5.00
@dan_lille £15.00
anonymous text £3.00
@theHeartquake £10.00
@OllieAloud £2.00
@DreamsAloud £10.00
@USA_Cheryl_Fan  £20.00
@Team_Walsh23   £20.00 (2 donations anonymous via text)
@KimmiUsher08   £20.00
@amy___x £5.00
@AllyCTweedy £5.00
@hollycasssidy £5.00
@nicolemaguirex £2.00
@tessa_mochrie  £5.00
@MrsSarahCheryl £5.00
@lauraaa_diva £3.00
@brilliantlyevil £10.00
@MsMegan91 £5.00
@KristieFenwick  £5.00
@SophChezzabelle £3.00
@_Melllll £10.00
anonymous text £3.00
@Metamesaloud £5.00
Holly Peel £3.00
@theonewithelly £2.50
@NicciLuvsNadine £3.00
@Closetolove_GA £3.00
@Chezzalemon £10.00
Nick Evans £10.00
@Push10Lick £5.00
@GirlsAloudMedia £5.00
@AloudSoldier £10.00
@Three_words_Ox 10 Euros (£8.38)
anonymous text  £3.00
@LucyLBax  £1.00 (via text anonymous)
@jodielovecheryl £5.00
@dddanadine  £5.00
@NiamhHuntx £20.00
@Chazmundus £20.00
@TweedEmma £5.00 (2 donations via text anonymous)
@rebecca_cherylx £5.00
@abbysian_  £3.00
@Lizzayx £10.00 (Via text anonymous)
@Lisa £5.00
anonymous text £3.00
@GraceRidgway £5.00
@XCherylColeUS $15.00 (£9.30)

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Sarah Harding 32nd Birthday

Today is Sarah’s 32nd birthday as we’re sure you all know. We want to take this chance to wish the beautiful Sarah Harding a VERY Happy Birthday.

Hope you’ve had a wonderful day babe.

We set up a just giving page in September for the fans to donate to Coming home for your birthday. Fans have been donating over the past 2 months and we’ll pleased to say we’ve raised just over £600.


The fans have also been leaving birthday messages for Sarah.

Cheryl and Kimberley have taken to twitter to wish Sarah Happy Birthday


image (2)Kimberley

image (1)